Chapter 123: Group drawing

Chapter 123: Group drawing

“Ayrin, don't tell me you don't even know that.”

Moss said in a quiet voice, “It's precisely because dragons of pure lineage can take the forms of both a dragon and a human. The thing that sparked the War of the Dragons is that some Draconic scholars started to raise the opinion dragons were merely another form of man. In their point of view, there wasn't any hard evidence that could prove which form was the main form. They even thought that dragons were merely men with special bloodlines who could switch between two different forms. This was pulling the dragons that many people previously worshiped as gods down to the same level as ordinary people. In a nutshell, they only had a special bloodline. That's why Ned, the most powerful among the dragons, the one men called the Evil Dragon King later on, couldn't bear it any longer, and ultimately launched the War of the Dragons to govern the other races as a ruler.”

“Then, can Stingham also transform into a dragon?” Ayrin couldn't help but feel curious. He pointed at Stingham, and said...

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