Chapter 122: A dragon's arrival

Chapter 122: A dragon's arrival

“They're too irresponsible! They're actually calling my brilliant handsome wargod self's team a weeds-level team!”

Stingham's face even went green. “Where are those guys from yesterday, I have to go and beat them up!”

Just at this moment, Ayrin shouted out loud, “Belo, don't go!”

What made everyone suddenly sweat was, they clearly saw an impulsive glint shine beneath the quiet and gentle Belo's glasses. He was already a dozen meters away from them. He was certainly thinking of finding Breith Trading Company and doing something.

“The drawing ceremony is going to start soon. Also, you first listen to me.”

Ayrin pulled Belo back. The latter wasn't batting an eye; there was no telling whatever he was planning. Ayrin nodded at the magazine and said, “In fact, the rating on it isn't without any rhyme or reason.”

“Our Holy Dawn Academy hasn't been in the national tournament for close to ten years. Historically, our results are the worst among all the sixty-four teams. Also, in our team, there's really no one who ever participated...

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