Chapter 121: Weeds-level team

Chapter 121: Weeds-level team

For the national tournament people called the early confrontation between the future elite masters of the kingdom, the drawing ceremony and the main tournament both took place in the “Arena of Fire and Blood.”

The “Arena of Fire and Blood” was located at the highest reaches of Eichemalar, in Everlasting Square.

At the very end of the War of the Dragons, in the final decisive battle around the Everlasting City, there had been countless fallen castles, and also countless fallen dragons and arcane masters.

By chance, one dragon just happened to fall on Everlasting Square. It caused an elemental tide when it died, wrecking a huge crater in the middle of Everlasting Square.

Men who came after that built the crater into a fighting arena that could accommodate more than two hundred thousand people inside. They called it the Arena of Fire and Blood.

Outside this arena stood a blood-red dragon crystal monument.

These words were carved on the monument: “This is the land where countless dragons and brave warriors fell, a place worthy of being engraved in the everlasting...

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