Chapter 120: The City in the Sky, we're here!

Chapter 120: The City in the Sky, we're here!

Eichemalar, also called the Holy City.

Doraster was very peaceful before the War of the Dragons. Dragons, humans, elves, giants, barbarians, beastmen, they all had their own territories and own countries. Together, the founded the City in the Sky to trade between themselves – Holy Everlasting City.

The Everlasting City was also the place that saw the final, decisive battle in the War of the Dragons.

With the castle suspended in the air at the core of Holy Everlasting City as the final fortress, the ancient armies defeated the Evil Dragon's troops. And, though the ancient kingdoms had all perished, men still founded the sprawling Eichemalar around Holy Everlasting City. Ultimately, they formed the mighty kingdom of Eiche.

Eichemalar was presently Eiche's capital and belonged to the kingdom. But at the same time, in the heart of every arcane master on the continent, it was the place where freedom prevailed. It was the immutable Holy City.

What was peculiar was, magic sky crystals even lighter than air made the sprawling city float in midair.

Four auxiliary cities had been established around the floating city. It was the heart of Eiche's culture, trade, arcane research, and politics.

Countless bridges suspended in the sky linked every part of the city. Ferry ships inlaid with...

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