Chapter 119: A chaotic departure

Chapter 119: A chaotic departure

“They're here! They're here!”

“Ayrin and the others are here!”

A group of girls was waiting in the plaza on Holy Spring Tone Street. Among them, the tallest girl was over two meters tall, and her figure was also especially lithe. One could see at first glance she was Agate Lake's Nikita. When this group of girls from Agate Lake Academy saw a group of people walking their way from the head of the street, most of them started to chirp and chatter in excitement. It made captain Sophia scold nonstop in a soft voice, “Pay attention to your image. Remember, you're girls, can't you act a bit more reserved!”

“Pretty girls, pretty girls everywhere! It seems joining Holy Dawn Academy isn't all bleak! At least we can go to the national tournament together with Agate Lake Academy!”

The ones who came their way were team Holy Dawn. The two teams representing St. Lauren had agreed to meet in this place, and then set off together for Eichemalar where the great national tournament would take place. Stingham was originally walking behind Ayrin and the others, a little listless and downcast, but his eyes immediately flashed with light as soon as he saw team Agate Lake already waiting there.

“Sophia indeed looks even more beautiful from up close!”

“Nikita is so tall, her figure is so fine, what an adorable feeling!”

“I have to choose which one to make...

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