Chapter 118: National tournament, begin!

Chapter 118: National tournament, begin!

“Ciaran, you're still stronger than I expected. I didn't think you could kill Makkany even in circumstances like those.”

As before, Ciaran sat quietly on top of the small, old building in front of Holy Dawn Academy's infirmary. Her hands were wrapped in thick bandages. She heard the sound of something breaking through the air behind her, then heard Donna's voice.

“Swish!” “Swish!”

When she turned around, she heard another two somethings going through the air. Minlur and Rui appeared beside Donna.

“You guys also came back?” Ciaran smiled peacefully. “How was it?”

“This was indeed a multi-layered plot planned with utmost care. Both Mori, the boss of the gnome store, and that Evil Dragon follower called Pattinson fled away.” Donna looked at Ciaran and added, “That said, we caught Iron Forest' Johnny, and we also found out several arcane masters secretly helping the Evil Dragon followers from the shadows. There's an important figure among them, Golden Lion Academy's Marte.”

“Stormrider Marte?”

Donna nodded. “A powerful great master as important as Makkany. That said, he already fell into our nets. Although we couldn't capture Mori and that mastermind...

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