Chapter 115: A mighty personage's revenge

Chapter 115: A mighty personage's revenge

“Clap Clap Clap.” Sounds of applause.

Makkany clapped his hands. He was all smiles, looking at Ciaran with some sympathy, and said, “One of the members of the Holy Dawn Evil Six from back then. People were afraid to even look at you, but it seems you're only so-so. Ciaran, shouldn't you first look after yourself in a situation like this? In the arcane masters' circles, you're known as the queen of finger arcane skills, you launch almost every arcane skill through your ten fingers. But now, you can't even use a single one of your fingers, how are you going to fight me?”

“Teacher Ciaran, how are you?!”

Behind Ciaran, Moss and Ayrin shouted in anger and alarm at the same time.

Both of them could clearly see that blood had already stopped flowing on Ciaran's fingers. Yet, a green color suffused her fingers and the backs of her hands. Patches of a moss-shaped plant kept growing and peeling off on them.

“I surprised your teacher Ciaran with my World of Vine Seeds.” Makkany looked leisurely at Moss and...

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