Chapter 113: Bait, cloak and dagger

Chapter 113: Bait, cloak and dagger

“Follow me. Doesn't matter if you're a little slower, just don't make too much noise,” Ayrin immediately told Moss.

“What do you mean, doesn't matter if I'm slow, just don't make too much noise?!” Depressed, Moss made a face, but then he opened his eyes wide the next second.

Ayrin immediately transformed into a faint blur in his eyes, even flowing like the wind inside the forest, not even breaking a single branch.

Only then did Moss realize that Ayrin really had the qualification to look down on him.

Because, not even mentioning not making noise, even if he charged forward like a mad bull and made as much noise as he pleased, it seemed he still would be far from Ayrin's dazzling speed.

“What drug did this guy eat, why does it seem like he suddenly became even faster than Wilde!”

Doing his utmost, Moss proceeded to move fast yet carefully, such a thought filling his mind.

After running maybe ten minutes on the hillside toward the entrance of the canyon, Moss started again to curse Ayrin loudly in his mind: “Are we buddies or...

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