Chapter 111: Start of the real-combat mission!

Chapter 111: Start of the real-combat mission!

“Multiple skill invocation effect?”

“Cocktail-style composite arcane power effect?”

“Integrating arcane particles with arcane power through sixty patterns?”

Within the following dozen seconds, Ayrin finally understood why Donna's “Fire Embers” was one of the hardest arcane skills to learn.

This arcane skill unexpectedly required three instant skill invocations, flowing the arcane particles from inside the body out of the hands and feet at the same time but in three different time frames. Arcane particles were split into three parts, gushing out from three different positions in the hands and feet, and you needed to rely on minutes gestures of the hands and feet to cause sixty streams of arcane particles altogether to flow out of the body in different ways, generating a discrepancy in the integration with arcane power, finally forming a perfect synthesis effect.

“There are some especially mighty arcane skills that are true multi-invocation skills in the genuine sense, launching multiple arcane skills with extreme speed. The collision of primordial energy will trigger a more violent chain reaction.” Donna looked at Ayrin and explained, “My Fire Embers originates from the era of the newly risen Draconic scholars' Goudohar...

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