Chapter 109: Two harmonious figures

Chapter 109: Two harmonious figures

Early in the morning, in the forest of huge trees inside Holy Dawn Academy, two human figures pierced through the white mist at peerless speed.

“That's good enough.”

All of a sudden, the figure in front skimmed upward in quick succession all the way to the top of a huge tree before stopping.

The one in the back gasped slightly. He immediately asked, following after the first person, “What's good enough?”

The sun rose on the eastern horizon just at this time. Sunlight sprinkled down, not yet harsh on the eyes, splashing on both of them as they stood on the treetop.

One of them looked even more delicate than a girl, while the other seemed to be overflowing with enthusiasm and fighting spirit. They were, of course, Rinloran and Ayrin.

“I'm saying that, when it comes to all kinds of movements during high-speed motion, you're already around the same level as me. At first, when you were chasing behind me, the posture of your body would often look very awkward when you dodged some branches, when you stepped sideways, or...

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