Chapter 108: Real missions

Chapter 108: Real missions


Holding a book in both hands, Rinloran heard a very familiar voice come from behind, as soon as he entered the Thinker's Stone Forest.

He turned his head around. There was nothing behind, not half the hint of a human figure. But he immediately reacted. His body flashed, gliding five to six meters away to the right.

Ayrin appeared on the left of where he previously stood, his hand outstretched, patting empty air.

“Rinloran, you're still the fastest.”

Ayrin took his hand back, a beam etched on his face.

“How did you become so fast?” Rinloran was taken aback.

Ayrin put his hands behind his head, a little pleased with himself. “The result of my recent special training.”

“From the end of the match against Iron Forest Academy to now, you already...” Rinloran looked a little speechless.

“If you can help with my training, I'll definitely become even faster.” Ayrin looked earnestly at Rinloran. “You're still wearing arcane master weights right? Your reactions are a little faster than Stingham's even when you're wearing them. It seems that you also made giant strides forward...

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