Chapter 106: Ah... These former giants

Chapter 106: Ah... These former giants

“Swish.” “Swish.” “Swish.” …

Inside the Iron Thorn Forest in Holy Dawn Academy's secret training field, a human figure moved quick like a ghost, producing shrill sounds as it tore through the air.

Carter and Minlur stood on the edge of these woods, watching with faces filled with emotion.

“Do you still remember, back when you had one open gate like him, how long you trained before you managed to cross these woods in one minute?”

Carter said, “I probably spent around two months.”

“But this guy only used ten days,” Minlur said. “Would you have thought that possible before?”

“I remember the great master Giravel say in his introduction to 'Matching Arcane Skills' that the fearsome thing under the starry skies isn't an opponent with a greater talent than you, but an opponent more talented than you and still more hardworking. Right now, Ayrin is precisely that guy with a greater natural talent than others, and yet still working harder.” Carter glanced at Minlur, adding, “I heard that Stingham was the total opposite. We had to send...

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