Chapter 105 Special training starts again

Chapter 105 Special training starts again

“Chris, you woke up so early again again to train in Thinker's Stone Forest? You're not taking a breather yet after fighting into the national tournament?”

When the marble white color of dawn climbed over the eastern horizon, on a road not far away from the Thinker's Stone Forest, Chris was chatting with some students who woke up early to train.

“I can't relax. Our goal is to become champions. There's simply no telling how strong are the opponents we're going to meet in the future.”

Before, if she'd said these words when they greeted her, these Holy Dawn Academy students would certainly have mumbled to themselves, really an amazingly crazy girl, she's still spouting this hopeless nonsense.

But now, watching the figure of Chris' back running into Thinker's Stone Forest, these Holy Dawn Students who greeted her had an entirely different frame of mind. “Pursuing her dream so staunchly, she may well dominate the entire kingdom one day, who knows.”

And at this time, running into Thinker's Stone Forest, Chris' frame of mind was also entirely different from before.

She felt that...

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