Chapter 104: No time for grief

Chapter 104: No time for grief

“Thank you.”

When Ferguillo let his hands drop down and allowed himself to be struck, Chris felt his intention and softly thanked him in her mind.

Then she stood still. She looked at Ayrin and the other members of team Holy Dawn, looked at the stands occupied by Holy Dawn Academy, and said in a serious tone, “We can go to the national tournament now.”

At this moment, it was hard to tell how many students of Holy Dawn Academy had strangely red-rimmed eyes.


“Brave warriors, we won!”

When Gerryn and the others were still staring blankly, Ayrin was the first one to dash out like a wild runaway horse. He cheered and rushed to the center of the field.

“They won... Holy Dawn Academy fought their way into the national tournament without suffering much damage.” All the members of team Agate Lake were also shocked by Ferguillo's figure sent flying away, by Chris' staunch figure standing alone.

“Is it the end?”

“Everything's finished?”

There were only a few substitute team members left in team Iron Forest.

Reclining on a stretcher, Wilde looked blankly...

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