Chapter 103: Loss and blessing with a faint smile

Chapter 103: Loss and blessing with a faint smile

For various ordinary students, this invocation speed they couldn't even clearly see, the light and shadows flashing and charging without interruption, it wasn't a simple matter of not breathing anymore for them, but a violent shock that went deep to the bones.

Was this still a duel between two academy students, and not a peak confrontation between elite masters?

On top of that, this was still the result of both of them sealing an arcane gate each!

Only an evenly matched duel like this vividly brought the fighters' formidable prowess to the fore, made them sincerely perceive just how much of a gap there was between themselves and Chris and Ferguillo.

“These two guys are actually so strong!”

An intense shock also seized the girls of team Agate Lake in the stands.

“There's simply no comparison with Ferguillo's strength and his strength last year. Chris actually also managed to maintain her astounding speed of progress! There's simply no comparison between now and back when she was caught by surprise by Shadow Dust in the match against...

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