Chapter 102: The battle between the strongest of St. Lauren!

Chapter 102: The battle between the strongest of St. Lauren!

Chris stood where she was without moving an inch. Facing Ferguillo, she lifted a single hand.

Ferguillo mumbled something for a second, then his body flashed and suddenly appeared to Chris' side.

“Puff puff puff puff...”

Their hands and feet suddenly hit each other at frightening speed, generating extremely heavy sounds that made the spectators feel utterly uncomfortable.

Within the space several meters wide, countless hands and feet and silhouettes whirled around. It was wholly difficult to distinguish which silhouette was a real one.

Neither Chris nor Ferguillo used all that many arcane skills, they both fought at close-range in a battle of pure strength.

Clearly, Ferguillo was the one who kept advancing, while Chris merely defended herself.

Everyone could vaguely distinguish Chris blocking Ferguillo's strikes no matter from which direction he attacked. His fists and kicks rained like storm, yet couldn't find any way past.

Very quickly, someone in the stands said, “It's Holy Dawn Academy's Soft Coiling...

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