Chapter 101: Total blind guess

Chapter 101: Total blind guess

Ayrin and Ferguillo stood still, facing each other in the field. The entire arena quieted down once again.

“Evil Flaming Eye!”

The spectators had the feeling they weren't ready to watch the fight yet when Ayrin used the Evil Flaming Eye all of a sudden.

A strange devilish Evil Flaming Eye streaked across the air like a meteor.

But what made everyone in the stands stare blankly was, Ayrin shot this Evil Flaming Eye a full five to six meters in the air on Ferguillo's left. Ferguillo stood where he had been standing without moving an inch.

This was really a little too excessive to talk about a bad aim.

“You can see through it even like this?” Ayrin said in a dispirited voice.

“So it turns out that when you were fighting Wilde, you also fired that Evil Flaming Eye at random,” Ferguillo said in his faint voice.

Ayrin nodded. “That's right. I was against the wall anyway, so I thought he would be attacking me either from the left or from the right, and I just fired blindly. I didn't expect it to hit its mark at random, and I didn't...

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