Chapter 100: See if I can graze you

Chapter 100: See if I can graze you

“My body is locked up, what's this arcane skill?”

Ayrin completely came back to his senses when Wilde pointed the longsword at him.

He felt as if he were a paper doll nailed on the wall by many thin needles.

“That won't do. If this go on I'll be beaten up and lose all my ability to fight even if I don't admit defeat.”

“Bastard, I really have no other choice. I can only do that!”

His breathing suddenly became incomparably heavy, as if he wanted to suck in all the air in the atmosphere, yet his face became strangely purple.

“Holy Body Ignition? He can actually use this arcane skill still, what a fearsome stamina!”

The referee was also about to declare Ayrin's defeat when Wilde pointed his longsword at Ayrin, but now, as soon as he saw Ayrin's appearance, this referee immediately closed his mouth and didn't let out the slightest sound.

“It seems useful!”

Ayrin faintly sensed the needles restricting him start to loosen. On top of that, some arcane particles seemed to spill out from the thin needles and get sucked into his first arcane gate.

“It's useless.” Seeing Ayrin obviously use “Holy Body Ignition” and struggle as if his life depended...

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