Book 9, Chapter 3 - Seclusion Within the Black-White College (Teaser)

To choose to roam the world, carefree? Or to give that up in exchange for the chance to acquire truly top-tier techniques and arts? Which was the better choice? Since ancient days, there had never been a clear answer. As for Ji Ning, since he had access to the divine abilities, secret arts, and techniques of the Black-White College, he naturally wasn’t too moved.

“The Grand Xia Dynasty has really used all means available to lure the Raindragon Guards to become Keepers.” Ning sighed to himself. “Most importantly of all, the Dynasty never forces anyone; it’s up to everyone’s own decision! If you join the Keepers, you have no one to blame but yourself. What a superb move!”

“Everyone.” Daoist Yulan’s voice rang out once more. “After having become Raindragon Guards, your tribes will be blessed as well. Within the territory of your tribes and clans, you can carve out a territory of ten thousand square kilometers. So long as you are alive, this territory will be protected by the Raindragon Guard! There will definitely be no one who will dare to invade it! This includes the Marquis of Stillwater!”

Ning chuckled. Years ago, when he was young and encountered Adept Mu Xiao, the Adept had said the same thing to him.

“Even if you do die, this land will still be protected for a thousand years.” Daoist Yulan suddenly...

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