Book 9, Chapter 25 - Ji Ning Battles Chen Jin (Teaser)

The two stood there in midair. As for Holyfire and Ninelotus, they stood atop the water, heads raised, watching them. Ninelotus sent frantically, “Senior apprentice-brother Holyfire, aren’t you going to stop Chen Jin?”

Holyfire, head raised, continued to watch. He sent back calmly, “Chen Jin wooed you for many years. The rage generated from the instant eradication of a dream held for many years is quite astonishingly great; it’s best to let him give vent to it. After doing so, in the future, it will cast less of a shadow on his heart. If he has to completely suppress his feelings, in the future, it will prove to be a disaster for him.”

“For the sake of letting him give vent, you are going to make junior apprentice-brother Ning suffer,” Ninelotus said angrily.

“Don’t worry. The Black-White College forbids its disciples from fratricide,” Holyfire said.

“Although the Black-White College does indeed forbid fratricide, as far as I can tell, Chen Jin has gone completely mad. He’s capable of anything right now. Although the College might punish him later, if he truly does wound Ji Ning…what good would punishment do?” Ninelotus said furiously, “Senior apprentice-brother Holyfire, you are very powerful; you can stop him.”

Holyfire gave Ninelotus a glance. “If something...

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