Book 8, Chapter 19 - Breakthrough, Wanxiang Adept (Teaser)

Ji Ning and Mu Northson continued to bind the storage treasures to see what items the four Wanxiang Adepts they had killed had left behind. Immortal cultivators would often carry their most important treasures with them! This was because it would be safest when they were holding onto them personally. And, of course, if they were to die, the treasures would become of no value to them. Thus, cultivators generally carried their treasures with them.

“We’ve bound them all.” Northson let out a long sigh. “All of them were quite ‘fat’,” Ning said with a laugh. “Killing a single cultivator really is far more rewarding than killing a Wanxiang monster.” Although Wanxiang monsters also relied on formations and alliances to occasionally killed cultivators, they would generally trade those magic treasures of the slain cultivators for liquefied elemental essence and some particular items they needed. Thus, when Ning’s group had killed those three Wanxiang monsters, they hadn’t acquired that much from them.

“Northriver Zhou, Xu Manquan, Nongsan, Jihe.” Northson sighed. “Most of them had formation-type treasures. Those nine Earth-ranked flying swords of Northriver Zhou…I imagine those are all Earth-ranked high-grade flying swords.”

“Right.” Ning...

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