Book 8, Chapter 17 - Waylaying the Disciples of the Black-White College (Teaser)

A youth with loose, unbound hair said in a low voice, “We are definitely going to kill them, but don’t forget…earlier, when the six of us joined forces against those two siblings of the Eastriver clan…the final result was that Eastriver Cloudsoar escaped! These two are of the Black-White College. Although one is a middle-stage Wanxiang Adept and the other can be considered an early-stage Fiendgod Wanxiang Adept, they certainly are carrying many protective magic treasures. If we aren’t careful…the two of them might end up escaping in the end. The final result would be, not only would they remain alive, we would have created enemies for ourselves.

“Senior apprentice-brother Jihe’s words are correct.” The golden-robed Dong One nodded. “There exists some enmity between Ji Ning and my Snowdragon Mountain, and I am quite familiar with him. He is a truly monstrous talent, and his training speed is astonishing. If he were to escape, we would definitely gain a powerful foe.”

Although they were considering the matter, in reality, none of these six Wanxiang Adepts were truly afraid of creating enemies. Since they had decided to embark on the path of cultivation, then they would strive to do anything necessary to become Immortals!

“We need to carefully consider how to go about this,” said the...

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