Book 7, Chapter 41 - Yu Wei and Ji Ning

Some of the extremely high-ranking disciples who had been seated, such as senior apprentice-brother Holyfire, the fat, sloppy-looking youth, and the black-robed maiden had all risen to their feet. Looks of shock were on their faces, and they stared, stunned, at the fur-clad youth atop the stone pillar in the distance.

As for Northmont Blackcurrent, located on the other stone pillar within the grand sealing formation, his face had instantly turned ashen.

“I, I lost?”

“I, how could I have lost? How could I have lost?” Blackcurrent’s eyes were filled with disbelief. He was an incomparably prideful figure. He didn’t even hold high-level members of the Northmont clan, such as main lineage members like Northmont Baiwei, with any regard. This was precisely because he was absolutely confident in his own abilities. But a new disciple who had just entered the school, and one who was extremely friendly terms with Baiwei to boot…had actually defeated him in a ‘Dao Debate’, an arena he had been extremely self-confident in.

“It was that sword…that sword…” Blackcurrent’s mind still clearly remembered that terrifying sword, that chop that was launched simultaneously by a thousand flying swords. It felt as though that chop had cut a scar straight into his Dao-heart.

“What a terrifying sword. Only when facing that sword head-on can a person truly understand how terrifying it is. A sword with no regrets and nothing held back; a sword which nothing can block.” Blackcurrent’s heart was filled with panic and disbelief that he had lost, but when he thought back to that sword, he felt completely powerless.

“Ji Ning wins!” The white-haired elder shouted loudly, and the entire grand sealing formation vanished.

“Senior apprentice-brother Blackcurrent, thank you for taking it easy on me.” Ning’s voice rang out, echoing throughout the entire Dao Debate Palace. Only now did Blackcurrent come to his senses. He forcibly clamped down on the wild thoughts running through his mind, then clasped his hands and said, “Junior apprentice-brother, you truly are formidable. I sigh that I am inferior to you.” After speaking, he released the bond with the golem, then transformed into a streak of light and left the arena. He handed the two jade bottles to the white-haired elder, and then, silently and wordlessly, entered the crowd of spectating fellow disciples.


“What a powerful sword,” the fat, sloppy-looking youth mused to himself.


“In a few decades, our Black-White College will have produced yet another formidable figure.” Holyfire had a hint of a smile on his face as he looked at Ning.


In the entire Dao Debate Palace, only the two Immortals truly understood that sword technique of Ning’s! “Lustrous Sword-Heart! What a fine Lustrous Sword-Heart!” The short elder’s eyes were shining as he stared at Ning. “Such a powerful sword-heart, such a resolute sword-heart…our Black-White College has truly taken in a treasure this time.”

“We have indeed.” Immortal Diancai was staring towards the distant Ning as well, and his eyes were blazing. “I wonder, how in the world did this disciple of mine manage to generate a sword-heart such as this in ten or so short years. The experiences he had did involve life and death, but for them to produce such a powerful sword-heart…this is truly inconceivable.”

“Hahaha, just you watch and see. Those other fellows are probably going to arrive soon,” the short elder chortled. Immortal Diancai laughed as well. The short elder let out a weird laugh and said, “They are definitely feeling regret as well. Regret for not having come to the Dao Debate Palace to watch in person..”


The headmaster of the Black-White College, Daoist Jadesea, was currently seated in the lotus position on his bed. Above him, there was a watery scrying mirror which clearly displayed the discourses on the Dao that were going on within the Dao Debate Palace.

“That sword!” A look of shock appeared on the face of Daoist Jadesea, who was so handsome that women would be infatuated with him. “Can it be that he has embarked on the path of the Sword Immortal?”

“Ugh!” Daoist Jadesea let out a regretful sigh. He could only see the images through water-scrying, but the auras, the presences, the ripples of the world…all of the intricate details were lost.

“I’m going.” Daoist Jadesea didn’t hesitate at all. Waving his hand, he made the water-scrying mirror disappear, and then his body flickered and disappeared.


Quite a few of the Primal Daoists of the Black-White College were watching this battle through the water-scrying technique. When they saw that sword emerge, all of them were awestruck. However, because none of them had personally seen and sensed the sword in the Dao Debate Palace, they weren’t completely certain of what it was either. Thus, all of them hurried towards the Dao Debate Palace…and even two of the Immortals headed there as well.


The third generation disciples who were in the Dao Debate Palace, in turn, had no idea about what was going on in the outside world. They were all chatting amongst themselves. Even Blackcurrent had lost? Then who would be the next to stand forward? Blackcurrent could be considered one of the top ten figures amongst those who had multiple Dao Domains.

“Junior apprentice-brother Ji Ning, don’t be so sentimental. It’s just a set of flying swords.” Senior apprentice-brother Bloodshadow was currently chatting with Ning, and offering to him that set of [Heavenly Spirits, Earthly Fiends] sword formation. Ning laughed. “Fine. Then your junior apprentice-brother will accept it.”

The simple interactions Ning had had with Bloodshadow made him feel quite well-disposed towards him. He accepted the set of flying swords, and by doing so, he was clearly acknowledging Bloodshadow as a friend.

“That’s more like it.” Bloodshadow nodded. “Junior apprentice-brother Ji Ning, your talent is astonishing. However, the path of Immortals is not one in which you can simply bury yourself in training. You also need to wander the world and experience many things for yourself. I imagine that in a few years at most, junior apprentice-brother Ji Ning, you will go out and adventure through the world. Most likely, you will also join the Raindragon Guard and whatnot. If there’s anything you need, feel free to come find me. I’m quite familiar regarding the Raindragon Guard.”

“When the time comes, I will definitely go and trouble you, senior apprentice-brother,” Ning said with a laugh.

“Eh?” Bloodshadow suddenly turned his head to look, and Ning did so as well. A figure had emerged from the third generation disciples.

“Her?” Ning’s pupils contracted. The person who had walked out was a black-robed maiden. Previously, she had sat there, surrounded by others; even Ninelotus had been by her side. Clearly, her status was extremely high.

“Junior apprentice-brother Ji Ning.” The black-robed maiden walked over, then said in a cool, calm voice, “I should be the most powerful of the disciples who have comprehended multiple Dao Domains. If you defeat me, then it will naturally be up to senior apprentice-brother Holyfire and the others will come out to fight you.” After finishing, she turned and moved towards the side room to select a golem.

“You are doomed.” Bloodshadow sucked a cold breath. “Who is she?” Although Ning had a guess, he still asked the question.

“The Rainbowflame Fairy, Yu Wei!” Bladeshadow spoke in a very soft voice. “She is a reincarnated Immortal, and her talent is terrifyingly great. When she had first entered the school, none of the old disciples chose to have a Dao Debate with her! Her training speed is astonishing as well; she is currently just over twenty years old, but her power has already reached a frightening level.”

Ning was inwardly shocked. A reincarnated Immortal? His master had also told him that there were only a total of three reincarnated Immortals amongst the third generation disciples. Two had trained for over eighty years, while one had been training for over twenty years. The one who had been training for over twenty years was most likely this black-robed woman, Yu Wei.

“No wonder she said that she is the most powerful out of those who have comprehended multiple Dao Domains,” Ning mused to himself in shock.

“Junior apprentice-brother, I’d like to help you, but I’m unable to.” Bloodshadow immediately departed.

“So what if she is a reincarnated Immortal? She’s just trained for ten or so more years than I have, that’s all.” Although Ning was on high alert, he didn’t feel the slightest bit of dread.


Just a few moments later. Ning was atop the stone pillar in the arena, under the grand sealing barrier, and he was staring in astonishment at the scene before him.

He had released a thousand flying swords, which had combined to form the first stance of the [Three-Foot Sword], and the power of this attack was truly astonishing. But this Rainbowflame Fairy, Yu Wei, had actually also chosen the Thousandswords Golem, and had also released a thousand flying swords, all of which had transformed into a sea of fiery sword light.

A scorching sea of fiery sword-light. A sharp, fierce sea of fiery sword-light. An irresistible sea of fiery sword light!

A head-on clash! A frontal clash!

Although Ning’s sword-light was extremely sharp and extremely strong, that all-devouring flame was even more berserk. It smashed apart Ning’s sword-light, piercing past the protective armor of Ning’s Thousandswords Golem.

“Yu Wei wins!” The white-haired elder called out. It was a clean, straightforward win.

“I lost!” Ning rose to his feet and laughed. “Senior apprentice-sister, you are formidable. I whole-heartedly acknowledge my loss.”

“When I was sixteen, I wasn’t as strong as you are.” The Rainbowflame Fairy, Yu Wei, gave Ning a glance. “Right. Don’t forget to give me those hundred black-white pellets and those five kilograms of liquefied elemental essence.”

Ning stared at her, instantly stupefied. He opened his mouth, but no words came out. Why would an exalted reincarnated Immortal act as though she cared about the wager that much? What, did she think that he was going to welch on their bet?


By now, the various Primal Daoists had all arrived at the Dao Debate Palace. They made it just in the nick of time, and were just barely able to catch the sight of Ning battling against the Rainbowflame Fairy, Yu Wei. All of them nodded inwardly. “He really is a Sword Immortal. And what a powerful sword-heart! In a few centuries, our Black-White College will most likely produce yet another Sword Immortal that is comparable to Uncle-Master Diancai!”

In a corner of the Dao Debate Palace. Whoosh! Whoosh! Two more Immortals had appeared next to Immortal Fivecraze and Immortal Diancai. One was a bearded old man with a crown on his head, while the other was a juvenile child who radiated an aura of infinite cold. Their arrival had not been noticed by any of the Primal Daoists or the third generation disciples within the Dao Debate Palace.

“Sword Immortal!” The crowned, bearded elder nodded as he spoke. “He has indeed embarked onto the path of a Sword Immortal. Finally, our Black-White College has yet another disciple who has begun to comprehend the Grand Dao of the Sword.”

Daos were divided into levels as well. Rainwater, ice, and whatnot; these were all just some of the countless Daos of the natural world. But the Dao of the Sword, however, was on a higher level; it was a ‘Grand Dao’.

Even gaining a basic understanding of it was extremely difficult; Zifu Disciples would generally find it quite easy to comprehend a hint of the True Meaning of the Rainwater, and in fact, it wasn’t even that impressive for them to comprehend a Rainwater Dao Domain.

But the Dao of the Sword, as one of the Grand Daos…even getting a basic understanding of it was extremely rare.

“And what a powerful sword-heart. A sword-heart like that, talent like that, and comprehension abilities like that…” The juvenile child’s voice was quite youthful, but his words rang out in a manner that seemed aged and sallow. “He is indeed a piece of unpolished jade that can be sculpted into a mighty Sword Immortal.”

“Right, right, right.” The short elder nodded repeatedly. “Our Black-White College currently only has a single Sword Immortal, junior apprentice-brother Diancai. Now, we have another one. A Sword Immortal! Even if he is defeated by the tribulations and ends up becoming a Loose Immortal, he will still be one with astonishing combat power, haha.”

The crowned, bearded elder instantly frowned and barked, “Senior apprentice-brother Fivecraze, junior apprentice-brother Diancai is merely an Earth Immortal right now. He has a very good chance of becoming a Celestial Immortal. Don’t say such negative things at a time like this!”

The short elder immediately looked towards Immortal Diancai. “Junior apprentice-brother Diancai…”

But Immortal Diancai just laughed calmly. “It’s fine. It’s enough so long as I act in a way which is true to my heart. It is precisely as senior Northwalker said; it is better to live passionately for a day, than to live a century while stifled. All I need to do is continue moving forward. Whether or not I can become a Celestial Immortal…that’s secondary.”

“Well-spoken!” The short elder nodded. As for the juvenile youth, he looked at Immortal Diancai. “Junior apprentice-brother Diancai, Ji Ning is a second Sword Immortal for our Black-White College. You must train him well!”

Immortal Diancai turned his head, staring at the distant Ji Ning, who was handing over jade bottles to Yu Wei. An eager light appeared in his eyes, and he slowly said, “That is to be expected. He is my disciple, after all!”


“Senior apprentice-sister. A hundred black-white pellets and five kilograms of liquefied elemental essences. Here it is.” Ning handed the two jade bottles to the Rainbowflame Fairy, Yu Wei.

The black-robed Yu Wei glanced at Ning, a hint of amusement on her face. Stretching her arm out, she snatched the bottles away from Ning, then turned and left.

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