Book 6, Chapter 38 - Leaving Swallow Mountain (Teaser)

Ji Yichuan coughed, his face ashen. Seeing the worried look on his son’s face, he couldn’t help but laugh. “Previously, I used multiple forbidden techniques. My Zifu has been twisting and contorting, and is on the verge of collapse. Thus, my body has suddenly grown much weaker.”

“Used multiple forbidden techniques?” Ning was astonished. “Father, then, you…” “Hahaha.” Yichuan laughed jubilantly as he stroked Ning’s head. “This battle was the last battle I would ever fight. Afterwards, I will become a useless cripple. Naturally, I had to use as many forbidden techniques as I could.”

Ning’s face changed. Forbidden techniques were enormously harmful to the body; they relied on sacrificing the body’s future longevity, then using that to reach a level of power beyond that which was normally possible.

“Yichuan, your body…?” Ji Ninefire’s face changed as well. “I should be able to live for another month.” Yichuan said. “A month!” Ning’s face instantly turned white, without any trace of blood.

Why. Why had it ended up like this? He…he had clearly made it back in time. Why did it have to be like this?

“Ji Ning.” Yichuan looked at his son. “You’ve seen so much life and death. Can it be that you still do not understand? To me, living a life akin to a cripple’s would be a life of torture. I would rather die gloriously after my final, greatest battle…that the fate to which I belong.” Ning’s body was faintly trembling as he listened.

“In addition, your mother has been waiting for me for too long. I should go accompany her.” Yichuan looked at his son. Looked at him...

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