Book 6, Chapter 35 - Snowdragon Mountain’s Prestige (Teaser)

Ji Yichuan was both surprised and delighted. As for the seven nearby Zifu Disciples, who were calling out bravely despite being in despair, Yichuan paid them no mind at all. The only one he cared about was Ji Ning, who was next to the bodies of those two on the ground; Adept Xu Li and Nong Zidao.

“How could…how could…it’s only, only been a short while…” Yichuan couldn’t believe it. How short a period of time had transpired, as he had charged over here from three hundred meters away? Adept Xu Li, an exalted Wanxiang Adept, had perished.

A corridor through the nether fog parted. Ji Ninefire, who had been watching from afar halfway up the mountain, quickly ran this way through the corridor. His face was covered with surprise and delight. Yichuan hadn’t personally seen the slaughter that had just occurred, but Patriarch Ninefire had been able to vaguely sense it all through his control of the nether fog. Although it wasn’t very clear, he knew without a doubt…that Ning had used only a single blow to kill Adept Xu Li.

“In a short hour, Ji Ning’s actually undergone a world-shaking transformation.” Ninefire’s heart was filled with unspeakable joy. “This truly is a blessing for our Ji clan!”

“Little Shadow, Liu Xing, Truekeep, all of you, come over. Snowdragon Mountain’s Adept Xu Li has already perished.” Ninefire sent to them while hurrying over.

In the various other regions. Granny Shadow and the others had felt shock and terror in their...

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