Book 5, Chapter 5 - Wanxiang Adept

The blue-robed man, his long hair fluttering in the wind, descended in front of Ji Ning. Laughing, he said, “My surname is Mu, while my name is Xiao. Others address me as Adept Mu.”

“Greetings to you, Adept Mu.” Ning felt his heart calm down. This Wanxiang Adept whom he had never met had just told Ning his name and surname. Clearly, he held an excellent opinion of Ning.

“Thank you, Adept Mu, for intervening. Otherwise, if this Bei Zishan were to have fled, he most likely would have caused more calamities in the future.” Ning immediately expressed his gratitude.

Adept Mu had a smile on his face as he shook his head. “Actually, I should be the one thanking you. I came here for the purpose of killing this Bei Zishan, and I spent months investigating before I found him hiding here. Unfortunately, this Bei Zishan set up that large formation. Although I am a Wanxiang Adept, if I were to attempt to break the formation…I didn’t have confidence in my ability to do so. Thus, I have been waiting here. I was planning to wait until he left the formation before exterminating him, but I didn’t expect that I would end up personally witnessing a fine performance.”

Ning was stunned.


So this Adept Mu had been hiding here early on, and had been watching everything occur?

“Afterwards, you broke open the formation.” Adept Mu sighed. “Only then did I know that it was you who did it. A youth who was able to break this formation. Formidable. In addition, I didn’t expect that all of those Dao-Soldiers, Xiantian lifeforms, and even Bei Zishan himself would be disposed of, all by you alone. Hahaha…that made things simple for me.”

“If I had known that Adept Mu was present, then I wouldn’t have had to exhaust myself.” Ning said hurriedly.

Adept Mu looked curiously at Ning. “Ji Ning, I wish to ask you. Are you a Zifu Disciple? Or a Xiantian lifeform?”

A person’s strength couldn’t be judged from the surface.

However, Adept Mu was someone who had been watching for a very long time from outside. In particular, after Ning broke open the formation, he had watched carefully as Ning engaged in those battles. As the saying goes, the eyes of the viewers are the clearest…Adept Mu discovered a number of issues which made him believe that Ning shouldn’t be a Zifu Disciple.

“I have not yet established my ‘Violet Palace’.” Ning didn’t hide it.

Adept Mu immediately revealed a look of surprise. “Indeed! I saw that your swordplay is exquisite, and that you should have reached the level of the ‘True Meaning of the Dao’. If you were a Zifu Disciple, when you used your elemental energy to execute such exquisite swordplay…you should have been able to easily defeat that black-furred zombie, and that battle should have been very simple for you. But you were actually in dire straits, which is why I guessed that you shouldn’t be a Zifu Disciple. Only, if you aren’t a Zifu Disciple, then you must be using ‘divine will’ to control all those sword-type magic treasures and fly with them. You, a mere Xiantian lifeform, have such a powerful soul. This truly is rare, quite rare!”

Ning nodded.

He didn’t deny it, because even in the records and books he had read, he had read of some incomparably monstrous Xiantian lifeforms who were able to do what he did.

“My soul was powerful at birth.” Ning said. “Ever since I was a child, I could divide my mind. Afterwards, when I gained insights into the True Meaning of the Dao, my divine will was formed.”


Facing a Wanxiang Adept, a person with the power to easily destroy him, Ning naturally didn’t have to play any games. Since he was an incomparably monstrous talent, he had to show it off. That might even be of benefit to him.

“I want to ask you another thing.” Adept Mu looked at Ning, as though he were looking at a piece of unpolished jade. “Are you training in the [Crimsonbright Diagram of the Nine Heavens]?”

“Yes.” Ning nodded.

“Hahaha….” Adept Mu laughed delightedly. “Do you know who I am? Why I was in pursuit of Bei Zishan?”

Ning looked at Adept Mu, then shook his head. He had never met the man; how could he know who he was?

Adept Mu said directly, “I am a Raindragon Guard of the Grand Xia Dynasty. I am under orders to pursue and kill Bei Zishan.”

“Raindragon Guard?” Ning was stunned.

After he had killed that Diremonster, Serpentwing, his parents had given him a general explanation of the Stillwater Commandery, and how there was a powerful force within it that absolutely could not be offended; the Raindragon Guards! The Raindragon Guards was the most powerful military organization within the Grand Xia Dynasty, completely composed of Immortal practitioners, and according to legend, only those at least at the Wanxiang Adept level were able to join.

The Raindragon Guards had an extremely special status. They directly served the Grand Xia Dynasty!

Amongst the incomparably numerous forces and powers spread across the entire Stillwater Commandery, the two most highly ranked were the Marquis of Stillwater and the Raindragon Guards! The Marquis of Stillwater was the master of this area, and his roots here were very deep. But the Raindragon Guards were directly subordinate to the Grand Xia Dynasty. They themselves had numerous experts, and behind them they had the entire Grand Xia Dynasty as their backer.

“Ji Ning.” Adept Mu looked at Ning. “The Grand Xia Dynasty’s Raindragon Guards are the most powerful force in existence in this vast land. No single tribe, no single school, no single sect…can come even close to comparing with my Raindragon Guards!”

Ning nodded, acknowledging this.

“The Raindragon Guards are quite independent and under no restrictions. Once you become a Raindragon Guard, you can be blessed with a tribe, and that you can carve out a territory of ten thousand kilometers for the land of your tribe. This land will be protected by the Raindragon Guards! Even if you die, the Raindragon Guards will protect that land for a thousand years. No power will dare invade it, as if they do, that would signify a challenge to the Raindragon Guards, and we Raindragon Guards will tear out any such invading force by their very roots!” Adept Mu said.

Ning had heard his father say as well that the Raindragon Guards did indeed have an exalted status, and even their tribes would benefit.

“Adept, you’ve said so many things, but I cannot become a Raindragon Guard.” Ning laughed.

Adept Mu just looked at Ning. “I ask you this. Are you willing to become a Raindragon Guard?”

“ME!?” Ning’s eyes widened. “I…I’m just a Xiantian lifeform. Even if I want to, my power is far from being sufficient.”

But Adept Mu just shook his head. “It isn’t a major issue if your power is weak. Right now, you aren’t able to directly join the Raindragon Guards, but our Raindragon Guards has an auxiliary corps as well! Much like how some schools, sects, and tribes will intentionally attract some geniuses to join them, we Raindragon Guards also have an auxiliary corps which will draw in some geniuses to join for instruction and guidance.”

“Upon joining the auxiliary corps, you’ll have access to all sorts of training techniques and even divine abilities.” Adept Mu sighed. “If you consider the Raindragon Guards to be a school or a sect, then we are the most powerful one of all. We have countless Immortals practitioners, and even Celestial Immortals have appeared from within our ranks.”

“But of course, the threshold for joining the auxiliary corps is quite high. It isn’t just anyone who can join. Fortunately, you train in the [Crimsonbright Diagram of the Nine Heavens], the number one Fiendgod Body Refining technique in the world.” Adept Mu looked at Ning. “Anyone who relies on the [Crimsonbright Diagram of the Nine Heavens] to become a Xiantian lifeform can immediately enter the auxiliary corps. There’s no need to undergo the various trials.”

“The [Crimsonbright Diagram of the Nine Heavens] is simply too hard. Every single person who can use it to become a Xiantian lifeform is a monstrous talent.” Adept Mu sighed emotionally. Ning, standing there, made a sound of agreement. It was true. He himself had spent that night meditating on the Dao before understanding how to fuse fire and water and to break through to become a Xiantian lifeform. Others most likely would also have to find their own secret ways to fuse fire and water as well.

“Every single Immortal practitioner who trains in the [Crimsonbright Diagram of the Nine Heavens] is extraordinary.” Adept Mu said. “For ordinary Immortal practitioners, only those at the Wanxiang Adept level are permitted to join the Raindragon Guards.”

“But for [Crimsonbright Diagram of the Nine Heavens] practitioners, as long as they reach the Zifu level and learn a divine ability, their battle power will be equivalent to a Wanxiang Adept’s, and thus they would be allowed the chance to enter the Raindragon Guards. But of course, that just means you’ll have the chance to; whether or not you’ll actually be able to enter depends on your ability.” Adept Mu said. “I myself only was able to join the Raindragon Guards after becoming a late-stage Wanxiang Adept.”

Ning, hearing this, blinked twice.

Late-stage Wanxiang?

The Raindragon Guards truly were difficult to join!


Right at this moment, those thousands of surviving Dao-Soldiers were all staring towards this direction in terror. From the skies, two figures descended as well; they were the human forms of the Azure Firebird and the black serpent. They, too, stared towards Ning.

“You go rescue Master Blindfish and the others. I have some things to discuss with this senior.” Ning immediately instructed.

“Yes.” The Azure Firebird and the black serpent responded. After having watched the grand battle between Ning and Bei Zishan, their hearts were filled with dread.

Although Ning was frantically worried about his mother, he naturally couldn’t slight or be discourteous to this Wanxiang Adept in front of him. Ning even had the intention of inviting him to go to West Prefecture City.”

“As long as you join the prepatory army, your future prospects will be limitless.” Adept Mu said. “In the future, you becoming a Raindragon Guard will be a matter of course. The chances you will have there will be far greater than what you have here in the tribes, at least. Think about it carefully. If you are willing to join the auxiliary corps, then go back and bid your parents farewell. I will take you directly to Stillwater City!”

To Stillwater City?

Ning was stunned.

“Adept Mu.” Ning said hurriedly. “There are so many benefits to joining the auxiliary corps. I fear there must be some sacrifices as well, right?”

“Naturally.” Adept Mu nodded. “Upon joining the auxiliary corps, until you become a Zifu Disciple, you are forever forbidden from leaving the mountain.”

“Forever forbidden from leaving the mountain?” Ning was puzzled.

Adept Mu said, “The headquarters of we Raindragon Guards is located on the peaks of a tall mountain. The auxiliary corps is there as well! If you can’t even become a Zifu Disciple, then you will simply die of age on the mountain. After becoming a Zifu Disciple, you can often leave, but you’ll still need to spend most of your time on the mountain, as you’ll only leave on orders. Only when you become a Raindragon Guard will you have freedom.”

Ning nodded.

He could tell that the auxiliary corps was actually comparable to a school. If one didn’t become a Zifu Disciple, one wasn’t permitted to leave, while even after becoming a Zifu Disciple, one would be stationed on the mountain and only be allowed to leave on orders.

“I have my Aquatic Manor.” Ning said to himself. “Immortal Juhua, by relying on that ancient Aquatic Manor, was able to live for millions of years, even as a Loose Immortal, and his power was comparable to a Celestial Immortal…there are many secrets contained within the Aquatic Manor which I must investigate. Once I become a Zifu Disciple, I’ll be able to bind the control talisman. Why should I be in a hurry to join the auxiliary corps?”

Adept Mu, standing there, spoke again. “Ning, who in the Swallow Mountains can possibly provide you tutelage? For someone as naturally gifted as you, you must expand your horizons.”

“Thank you, Adept.” Ning pondered for a time, then shook his head. “Adept, I imagine that you heard as well that my mother is gravely ill. For now, I don’t wish to go.”

Adept Mu, hearing this, nodded. “Since that’s the case, I won’t press you. This is the talisman of the Raindragon Guards. In the future, if you encounter any danger on the road to Stillwater City, if you show off this talisman, perhaps it might be of use.” As he spoke, he turned over his hand, and a square black talisman appeared in his palm, with the image of a Rain Dragon on it.

“Thank you, Adept.” Ning immediately accepted it. “Ji Ning has one thing to request of you, Adept.”

Adept Mu immediately laughed. “You assisted me in exterminating Bei Zishan of Snowdragon Mountain. I had wanted to help send you to Stillwater City to enter the auxiliary corps of the Raindragon Guard, but I didn’t expect you wouldn’t want to go…I was worrying about how to repay your assistance. Go ahead and tell me. If I can help you, I will.

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