Book 4, Chapter 18 - A Heroic, Frenzied Shout

The white mist within the bottle was an essence removed from corpses and transformed into gaseous form. Once it touched the body, it would quickly invade and corrode the body, melting it into a puddle of liquid! Even this peak Xiantian ‘senior apprentice’ himself had to use an antidote against it. The youth in front of him was clearly weaker than him in strength, and based on his understanding, young master Ji Ning had only recently broken through to the Xiantian level.

“No matter how monstrous of a genius you are, as a Fiendgod Body Refiner, you are far inferior to me. Even I am not able to withstand it. You will definitely die.” The black-clothed man looked expectantly.

Ning’s face changed. It really was a case of a certain type of master producing a certain type of disciple! In the past, Ning had calculated that this Zifu Disciple must be an expert poison user, and this black-clothed fellow in front of him was also skilled in poisons.

The white corrosive fog…Ning felt numbness begin to spread and erode his entire body.

“Gotta hold!” Ning circulated the Shining Scarlet divine power in his body, and the powerful Fiendgod life energy also began to wipe away the poison.

“Die!” While forcibly suppressing this corpse essence in his body, the wing-type magic treasure on his back suddenly howled as Ning pounced towards the black-clothed man on the floor. Regardless of whether or not he was able to disperse this corpse essence in his body, he had to first kill the man in front of him. Otherwise, if he were to be dead from poison while the other was still alive, how hateful a thought would that be!

“Hahaha, the more you move, the faster you die.” The black-clothed man wielded the six shuttle longstaff, his footsteps thundering on the ground and causing the earth to shake. Clearly, he was using all of his strength! “Go die!” He raised the six shuttle longstaff high, smashing it down towards Ning like a giant mountain.

Shua! Shua! Relying on the Windwing Evasion, Ning moved like a ghost, moving in an arc to attack the black-clothed man from the side.

“Kill! Kill! Kill!” Ning wildly pounced forward, while the longstaff in the black-clothed man changed directly slightly to welcome Ning. The two had already exchanged blows multiple times and knew very well how powerful the enemy was. The black-clothed man was physically strong, while Ning’s swordplay was marvelous, and he was an expert in twin swords.


A nearby piece of head-sized rock suddenly flew up, moving at supersonic speed as it smashed towards the black-clothed man’s head. The distance was too close, and the stone came flying from behind…the black-clothed man didn’t have eyes in his back. By the time he vaguely sensed the ripples in the air caused by the stone, it was too late!

“Bang!” The stone, wrapped up by Ning’s divine will, was moving at an incredible speed. It was as though a late-stage Xiantian Fiendgod Body Refiner expert had viciously thrown it at full force against his head.

The stone shattered into tiny pieces.

Blood flowed from the black-clothed man’s head, while at the same time, he stumbled.

“Clang!” “Chi!”

Two rays of sword light, one which blocked the six-shuttle longstaff, while the other sword light slashed straight through the black-clothed man’s face, stabbing out from the back of his skull, carrying some brain matter and blood!


The power of the six-shuttle longstaff stick forced Ning to retreat backwards by multiple steps, and naturally the sword was drawn out as well. There was a hole directly in the forehead of the black-clothed man, but there was no way it could possibly be healed. Forget about him; if Ning’s skull had been pierced through, even he would have died without question.

“You…you….” Fiendgod Body Refiners possessed astonishing life force, allowing the black-clothed man to have a final few moments of life. He stared at Ning, struggling to open his mouth. “You…”

And then he fell down, causing the ground to tremble.

“Huff…huff…huff…” Ning stood there, his breathing rather ragged. He stared at the corpse in front of him, knowing how unwilling this person had been to accept death like this, how mystified this person had been in death. Most likely, this black-clothed ‘senior apprentice’, in the moment of his death, was still trying to puzzle out why his head had suddenly suffered an attack. Who had attacked him from behind?

Divine will. This was Ning’s killing technique.

Once it was used, if he was unable to kill his enemies with it, his enemies would immediately use Escape Seals and instantly run away. Most likely, by then, even the Zifu Disciple would know that Ning possessed a ‘divine will’ ability. Thus, it was not to be used lightly, and when used, it had to kill the enemy.

Previously, Ning had been fighting with him head on, but because of the poison, Ning could no longer afford to waste time. Thus, he used his divine will to control the stone.

The two had been on par in terms of general power. In a life and death battle, one couldn’t be the slightest bit careless. When that stone had carried boundless force in smashing down on the black-clothed man’s head, his staff techniques had become completely chaotic. Naturally, he was even less able to fend off Ning’s divine, ghost-like swordplay, with the result being a sword stabbing straight through his fatal point between his forehead.

“Hahaha…” Ning began to laugh, raising his head and shouting heroically, “Come! Each one of you who comes shall die! However many comes, however many I shall kill! Hahaha…”

At this moment, Ning was incomparably crazed.

He was in utterly dire straits, and his clansmen had been trapped here. His chance of survival was very slim. Ning naturally became all the more frenzied. Killing an expert of the enemy naturally made him feel incomparably satisfied.

There were deep gouges everywhere on the ground, with shattered rocks littering everywhere. After all, prior to this, Ning’s swordplay had activated the power of the world itself, while the enemy was also incomparably strong. Naturally, the area around them had been reduced to rubble.

“Poison?” Ning could already sense that the corpse essence in his body was being slowly ground away by the natural life force in his body that was being created by the Crimsonbright divine power. “It seems it still can’t do anything against my Fiendgod body.”

Ning was different from that black-clothed ‘senior apprentice’.

The black-clothed man couldn’t withstand the poison…but Ning trained in the number one Fiendgod Body Refining technique, while the Crimsonbright divine power was born from a fusion of the power of the sun and the power of the moon, while his divine body had been formed and birthed by Solar Truefire and Lunar Truewater. In terms of quality, his body was untold times more powerful than other Fiendgod Body Refiner bodies.

“That black-clothed man’s power was clearly much greater than the previous man’s. Most likely, he has a fairly high status in this place. Perhaps he has some secrets on this formation on him.” Ning hurriedly began to search the black-clothed man’s corpse, but unfortunately…

The Zifu Disciple himself actually wasn’t an expert in formations. All he had done was set up formation flags in a very formulaic way. Ning thus naturally wasn’t able to find any information regarding this formation on the corpse.

“However, he has quite a few Dao-seals and bottles and elixirs on him.” Ning collected them all, but didn’t have any time to investigate these battles. First of all, he didn’t dare to pull out the stoppers for fear of them being poisoned, and second of all, he himself didn’t know anything about poisons. It was best for him to spend his time focusing on the formation and increasing his abilities in formations. Breaking this formation as soon as possible was what mattered.


Within the mountain.

The six beautifully dressed men and women were currently, as per the senior apprentice’s orders, torturing these Xiantian lifeforms.

“Haha, with our senior apprentice personally handling this, your young master Ji Ning’s death is assured.”

“In the formation, I heard senior apprentice say that young master Ji Ning is still a youth? Little Seven, you are nearly thirty years old this year. Can it be that this young master Ji Ning is even younger than you?” The six men and women chatted amongst themselves.

One of the nearby men bound to the pillar, a bald man whose body was covered with scars, howled at them, “Young master Ji Ning of the Ji clan is perhaps just eleven or twelve years old this year. Compared to him, you are like worms on the ground while he is like a divine dragon in the skies!”

“Shut your mouth.” The nearby servants immediately used heated irons to torture and burn him.

“Six fools! You want to compare yourselves to young master Ji Ning!”

“I can’t even begin to express how inferior you are.”

“Hahaha, almost thirty years old, but he wants to compare himself to young master Ji Ning? I’m laughing so hard my stomach hurts!”

Those nearly hundred Xiantian lifeforms of the Swallow Mountain area all began to shout out and mock them.

“Beat them, beat them!” The six men and women shouted angrily.


“Come! Each one of you who comes shall die! However many comes, however many I shall kill! Hahaha…” That wild, frenzied voice was filled with both hysteria and utter, incomparable madness.

“What?!” The faces of those six changed.

They were certain that this wasn’t the voice of the senior apprentice. Then…it could be only the voice of that trapped young master Ji Ning.

“Can it be that our senior apprentice-brother died?” They were all in a state of panic. Without question, the senior apprentice was by far the most powerful of their group. Even if he didn’t use the many insidious options available to him, he was still incomparably strong.

“Senior apprentice-brother!”

“Senior apprentice-brother!”

The six men and women shouted outwards, but their senior apprentice-brother didn’t respond.

“If you want to find your senior apprentice-brother, then go to the Netherworld Kingdom!” That wild, impudent voice rang out from afar.

“Senior apprentice-brother died.” The six men and women looked at each other, their eyes filled with awe.

“Killed by a youth of just eleven or twelve years of age.”

“Only eleven or twelve, yet he was able to kill our senior apprentice-brother? Is…is there such a monstrous talent in the world? Even in our school, there has never been such a monster. Most likely, only those legendary top-tier tribes under the protection of Immortals will there be monsters like this.” The six were completely overawed. After all, they quite broad experience.

Their own school was a major school.

But they had never seen anyone eleven or twelve years old who was so possible.

“Kakaka…” The iron board in the center of the mountain began to slowly swing open, revealing that dark, gloomy tunnel. The tunnel had a hint of green light emanating from within it, and its cold, sinister aura caused the six men and women to shiver.

“My boy Gan!” That shrill voice was quavering. “That ‘Ji Ning’ killed my boy Gan. He will die, definitely die!!!”

The six men and women felt their hearts shake. As for those servants, all of them were shuddering. None of them could predict what this person would do when enraged.

“That ‘Ji Ning’ is only eleven or twelve years old? What a monster. If it weren’t for the fact that he is an enemy, I would recommend him for entry into our school. But he killed my boy Gan! He must die!” The shrill voice was filled with hate. “Little Seven, come in.”

“Come in?” The handsome youth was startled.

He had never before entered the cavern in the mountain. That was a forbidden area.

“Quick, enter.” The shrill voice carried anger within it.

“Yes.” The handsome youth didn’t dare to hesitate any longer. Clearing his throat, he hurriedly walked towards the black tunnel, then leapt into the cavern.

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