Book 26, Chapter 28 - Arrival

Ji Ning and the others flew past the various astral islands.

“Go.” The silver-armored man waved his hand, sending out an awe-inspiring blast of power that pushed at every single World-level cultivator. Even someone like Ning felt that this surge of power was nigh irresistible.

Ning followed that surge of power, allowing it to carry him forward as he flew towards the closest astral island.

“Master.” Su Youji’s voice rang out in Ning’s mind.

Ning turned to look at her.

Su Youji was far off in the distance. She had flown towards an astral island as well, but she was staring at Ning.

“Be careful,” Ning sent mentally.

“You too.” Su Youji had a look of longing in her eyes.

Ning couldn’t help but sigh mentally. There was nothing he could do. Once they had chosen to challenge the trial of the Astral Islands, every single cultivator would have to fend for themselves. There was simply no way for him to continue to protect Su Youji. He’d done everything he could. The rest was up to her now.

The various cultivators and Aberrants all flew to their own islands, which then quickly descended to the lowest tier of islands. As for the silver-armored man and woman, the two simply watched from afar.

“Although the Hegemon didn’t grab that many people from the Endless Territories this time, he still managed to grab a few who have incredible talent and potential.” The silver-armored woman smiled.

“Mm.” The silver-armored man nodded.

The Brightshore Kingdom was one of the most mysterious and powerful organizations in the Endless Territories. It naturally had its own territory where its countless denizens dwelled, and it had its own World-level cultivators which it reared.

However, every so often the almighty Hegemon would abduct promising figures from throughout the Endless Territories. Generally speaking, he wouldn’t grab too many people, less than a hundred thousand. Compared to the vastness of the Endless Territories, this was a fairly small sum and so the other major powers were willing to tolerate his actions. Nobody wished to make an enemy of the Hegemon over something as minor as this.

“How many do you think will be able to make it onto the fifth or sixth levels?” The silver-armored woman asked.

“The fifth level? I’m guessing ten! As for the sixth… that’s hard to say. It’s possible that none of them will make it.” The silver-armored man’s gaze turned towards the very apex of the hundreds of thousands of astral islands, at that single solitary island that sat atop the sixth level. “Bertulu… I wonder which of our Twelve Palaces he will end up choosing.”

“Most likely it’ll be the Palace of the Heart or the Palace of Radiance.” The silver-armored woman sighed. “It has been a long, long time since our Brightshore Kingdom has encountered a peerless genius like him. He was originally just a rather intriguing Aberrant. Who would’ve thought that he would actually become the equal of the Ancient cultivators?”

“Right. The first time I saw Bertulu, I took him for an Ancient cultivator as well.” The silver-armored man let out a sigh. “What a dazzling figure! Even the Hegemon is paying attention to him. The Heart Palace and the Radiant Palace are fighting fiercely over him in secret. Both sides hope that Bertulu will join them.”

“Unfortunately, he’s not skilled in the sword. If he was, I’d be hoping for him to join our Sword Palace.” The silver-armored woman shook her head. “Let’s go. Our mission is over.”

The two glanced a final time at the sole island on the sixth level, then transformed into twin streaks of light that quickly departed. Both of them knew that Bertulu was capable of breaking through to the Samsara Daolord level whenever he wished. Once he made his breakthrough… even though he would merely be a Daolord of the First Step, he would probably be just as strong as most Daolords of the Third Step.

If so, he would be every bit a match for the two of them. Even the Hegemon was paying attention to this peerless genius. The two of them viewed him as they would equals.


Ning was walking through his quiet astral island. This island was merely three hundred meters in size, but it had a graceful little residence that was actually decorated with many unique statues . As soon as Ning had landed within this astral island, it had recognized him as its master.

“From this day forth, I’ll be staying here for quite a long period of time.”

With but a thought, Ning willed the residence to change in appearance, making it look like the houses he stayed in back when he had lived on Earth.

He pushed open the door to the home. Inside the home, there was actually a reclining sofa. Ning lay down on the sofa, then casually waved his hand, causing a golden book to appear and fly into Ning’s hands.

This golden book held records regarding the other three hundred thousand-plus islands. Every single cultivator on those islands held a piece of a legacy!

This book also contained an explanation regarding the ninety-nine precious legacies that were here.

“The number one legacy is the heartforce legacy, a legacy which was created by a Heartforce Cultivator who had reached the Verge of the Daomerge, Daolord Featherdress. This heartforce legacy is mysterious but very powerful. Every single Heartforce Cultivator stands at the very apex of power amongst cultivators of the same level. Daolord Featherdress was once the most powerful Daolord in all the Endless Territories! Alas, he failed his Daomerge. Before dying, he slew an Eternal Emperor… and this legacy is just as valuable as the legacy of an Eternal Emperor’s! It has been separated into 3600 parts. If you gather the 3600 legacy treasures and merge them together, you shall gain access to this legacy.”

“The number two legacy is the spacetime legacy, a legacy left behind by the almighty Hegemon himself. Although this is merely the first chapter of the full technique, it will be enough to allow you to roam the Endless Territories without fear. It has been scattered across 1800 different legacy treasures. If you gather all 1800 legacy treasures, you can gain this legacy.”

“The number three legacy…”

There was a detailed ranking of all ninety-nine legacies.

The most powerful legacies required a total of 3600 legacy treasures.

The weakest legacies merely required a hundred legacy treasures.

Although Ning was intrigued by quite a few of them, he still shook his head privately. “As expected, this is merely a place for weeding out weak World-level cultivators. The most powerful legacies of the Brightshore Kingdom are not here.”

The number two legacy had been left behind by the almighty Hegemon. If this was the complete legacy, it would be an absolutely incredible boon… but alas, it was merely the first chapter.

Ninety-nine legacies in total. The Hegemon had only left behind the number two legacy. The other ninety-eight came from various Daolords. The legacies of a Daolord and the legacies of an Eternal Emperor were completely different things.

The likes of Daolord Featherdress or Daolord Allgod were incredibly powerful, capable of matching or even exceeding Eternal Emperors. However, every single Eternal Emperor was at least on their general level, and some were even more powerful.

By comparison, the four paintings and legacies of Emperor Mirrorsnow were more valuable than these ninety-nine legacies.

That number one legacy, the heartforce legacy, is quite valuable though. I imagine that one is on par with Emperor Mirrorsnow’s legacy.” Ning carefully read through the entire book.

Ning wanted sword-arts, and there were two types available. One was ranked nineteen, the other ranked seventy-three! Both had been left behind by Daolords.

“If I have the chance, I really do need to try and acquire the fourth Mirrorsnow Painting. As for these sword-arts here? I should try to use them to validate and test my own sword-arts. It should be of some benefit, at least.” Ning had long ago found his own path and understanding regarding the sword.

As Ning saw it, the more sword-arts the better. He had studied more than five thousand sword-arts in the Hall of Swords in the Allgod Estate, after all.

“Eh?” Ning’s eyes suddenly lit up.

“This one seems to be… not bad at all!” On his second careful reading, Ning’s gaze fell upon the ninth-ranked legacy.

The ninth-ranked legacy was the footwork legacy. This was a footwork technique meant for close combat which had been left behind by an unknown major power who had gained certain special insights over lightning.

At first, Ning hadn’t paid it much attention as he had focused on searching for heartforce techniques and sword-arts. However, on his second careful read-through he realized how extraordinary this ninth-ranked legacy was.

For a footwork technique to be ranked number nine was extraordinary, in and of itself. This was also a technique that was devised based on lightning. Ning trained in the [Novessence Thunder] and was fairly familiar with lightning; most likely, he would be a good fit for this footwork legacy.

“In battle, I currently rely on my sword-arts and just use my the Thunderlight Wings for support. I don’t have any actual, decent footwork techniques.” After carefully reading through the book, Ning made up his mind. His first target would be the ninth-ranked footwork technique!


“A newbie?”

“So many newbies.”

As Ning and the other World-level cultivators flew towards the astral islands, the many newly created islands began to descend towards the bottom stratum of islands. This naturally attracted the attention of the hundreds of thousands of World-level cultivators who were already present.

These cultivators stood atop their own astral islands, watching from afar. Some began to scan their golden books to gain some basic insights into these newcomers. Each golden book recorded rudimentary information regarding the cultivators on each island and the legacy treasures they possessed.

“I’ll wager these newbies are carrying plenty of chaos nectar and treasures.”

“Let’s see what we can take from them.”

“Challenge issued.”

“Challenge issued.”

Many of the more powerful cultivators were intrigued. The weak ones in their group had been plundered long ago, with some having lost all their magic treasures! These newly arrived cultivators, however, would definitely have quite a few treasures on them.

Life in the Brightshore Kingdom was the same as life anywhere else. If you wanted to live, you’d need treasures.

“I need to issue a challenge right away.” There were some cultivators who were extremely powerful but who had lost their treasures to even more powerful cultivators. These people immediately began to issue challenges, as they were in desperate need of treasures! They naturally chose to go after the newcomers.

“A challenge? A challenge from the third stratum?” Ning was relaxing on his sofa, flipping through the information pertaining to the ninety-nine legacies when he suddenly received a challenge notification.

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