Book 20, Chapter 3 - Demanding the Technique (Teaser)

However, Ji Ning didn’t slow down in the slightest. With a swish, he moved hundreds of thousands of kilometers away while spreading out his heartforce, taking a close look at the major power who had just arrived.

“No need to panic.” A warm, gentle laugh rang out.

As Ning dodged past the man, his heartforce completed the scan. The newcomer was dressed in Daoist robes; it was a very authentic-looking white-bearded Daoist.

“Him?” Ning was secretly surprised. “I knew that my display of the [Ninehorn Lightning Serpent] would arouse the attention of some major powers. I’m not worried about the Seamless Gate; it’s the ones on our side that are more troublesome. So the first one to appear is Daoist Yu Qiu. His nickname ‘Ascetic’ is quite fitting; he really is quite shameless.”

Some True Gods and Daofathers were vile, vicious demons. Others were crafty, unscrupulous, petty figures.

Daoist Yu Qiu was one of the most classic examples of the latter.

His avariciousness and craftiness was legendary, and so the major powers of the Three Realms all referred to him as the ‘Ascetic’; clearly, this was a title given to mock him! However, given that he had become a Daofather, his Dao-heart wouldn’t possibly be shaken by a bit of mere mockery, and he continued to act as he pleased.

Many of the major powers of the Nuwa Alliance had been intrigued after Ning had displayed his [Ninehorn Lightning Serpent], with the evil ones becoming...

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