Book 20, Chapter 25 - Infiltration

Half a day later.

A white-robed youth was walking by himself atop a lonely path that was surrounded by a few flowers.

“Eh?” Suddenly, a muscular, golden-armored man appeared. The man said with a laugh, “My name is Dong’e. Who are you?” He was quite curious, as he knew all the Empyrean Gods on Kilostar Island.

“Empyrean God Dong’e?” Ji Ning laughed. “My name is Darknorth. I just arrived at Kilostar Island.”

“Just arrived? I was wondering! I know all the other Empyrean Gods on Kilostar Island.” Empyrean God Dong’e laughed loudly. “I know almost all the Empyrean Gods of the Three Realms as well, but I’ve never heard of you. It seems you must’ve broken through in the past few ten million years or so. You are here alone; did you succeed in challenging Demon Icepass?”

“Precisely.” Ning nodded.

“Come, come! Let me take you to meet Empyrean God Greatdream.” Dong’e was quite excited.

“Empyrean God Greatdream?” Ning was puzzled.

Dong’e laughed, “Greatdream is someone else who relied on his own power to overcome Demon Icepass and make it to this place. He’s quite powerful…” He continued to chat with Ning as they walked, while Ning put on a show of knowing nothing at all.

There was a black Immortal estate located halfway up a mountain. A black-robed man emerged from it, staring downwards. A second Empyrean God Dong’e appeared next to him as well. Dong’e had many different clones that were on watch in many areas in order to prevent Empyrean God Sin and Empyrean God Sealthroat from launching a sneak attack.

“What is it?” The black-robed man said with a laugh.

“Greatdream,” Empyrean God Dong’e said hurriedly, “I ran into an Empyrean God that I’ve never seen before and do not recognize. After chatting with him, I learned that he just recently became an Empyrean God in the Three Realms. He relied on his own power to pass through Demon Icepass and make it to Kilostar Island. Now, there will be four powerful Empyrean Gods on this island. Most importantly of all, this Empyrean God is a human. We can pull him over to our side…and in fact, he might be an Empyrean God of the Seamless Gate to begin with!”

“Oh?” The black-robed man nodded and said happily, “If we can gain another supporter, that would be a good thing. Bring him over here, I’ll prepare an appropriate welcome!”

“Good.” Dong’e nodded and immediately left.

The black-robed man grew pensive. Humans…the strongest race of the Three Realms. Monsters were a close second. When the Lord of All Fiends brought the many experts of the Seamless Gate back to the Three Realms, the two sides had made peace and had even joined together to become one big family. There were many experts of the Seamless Gate who roamed the Three Realms, copulating with humans and monsters and leaving behind their lineage.

This was why many humans and monsters had ‘Fiendgod blood’ in them. God blood represented the lineage of the Gods of the Pangu Chaosworld, while Fiend blood represented the mighty Fiends of the Seamless Gate.

Fiendgod blood was in the veins of many humans and monsters because of so many years of interbreeding. In truth, it was impossible for the humans of Ji Ning’s era to not have at least some of the blood of the major powers of the Seamless Gate in their veins. But of course, humans had closer blood ties to the major powers of the Pangu Chaosworld.

Given that the Three Sovereigns of Mankind were firmly on the Nuwa Alliance’s side, humans were generally members of the Nuwa Alliance as well. However, humans were incredibly numerous. With so many of them also having the blood of the Seamless Gate in their veins, most humans didn’t view the Seamless Gate with much enmity, and so many ended up being recruited into the Seamless Gate. In the Grand Xia, for example, quite a few Celestial Immortals had been drawn into their orbit.

Humans…monsters…many of both races had been recruited. This was why Dong’e thought that it was entirely possible for them to recruit Ji Ning. In fact, it was even possible that Ji Ning was already a member of the Seamless Gate!

“Hmph.” A cold look flashed through the black-robed man’s eyes. “I don’t care if you are a member of the Seamless Gate or not. Anyone who poses a threat to me must be killed. Undermoon Lake…I’m the only person that needs to be able to survive it. As for the others? Hmph. The ideal outcome is for you all to die.”

When Empyrean God Greatdream had entered Undermoon Lake, the storm had yet to begin within the Three Realms. The Seamless Gate and the Nuwa Alliance hadn’t yet separated into enemy camps, and many on both sides were close to one another. Keeper Everwood, for example, was on extremely good terms with Patriarch Subhuti and Daoist Three Purities.

This was why Empyrean God Greatdream actually didn’t care too much about whether or not Ning was a member of the Seamless Gate.

All he needed right now was an excuse!

When he killed Empyrean God Ninedawn, he had to come up with the excuse of ‘taking revenge for his slain brothers and friends’. Otherwise, even if the Empyrean Gods of the Seamless Gate still chose to stand with him, they wouldn’t put their hearts into it.

An hour later, Ning reached Greatdream.

“Very, very few Empyrean Gods can make it to Kilostar Island under their own power. Over the course of endless years, only nine of us have succeeded.” Empyrean God Greatdream acted in a very friendly manner, taking Ning by the hand. “Come, come! Let’s have a good chat!”

Ning laughed and nodded. As they walked together, shoulder-to-shoulder, the other Empyrean Gods of the Seamless Gate all behaved towards Ning in a very friendly manner.

“Sit.” Empyrean God Greatdream laughed.

Ning and Greatdream sat down in the lotus position next to a main pillar on the second floor of the palace. The two had a jade table between them, covered with winecups and two canteens of Immortal wine.

“It’s been so long since any new Empyrean Gods have arrived,” Greatdream said with a sigh. “Life in Undermoon Lake is far too lonely. For a new Empyrean God to arrive is one of the happiest things in my life here.”

“I wonder how many people here on Kilostar Island made it through their own power?” Ning lifted up a winecup as he spoke.

“Before you came, three.” Greatdream laughed, “I’m one, Sin is another, and Sealthroat is the third. Those two belong to the Pangu Chaosworld, while we belong to the Seamless Gate. That’s why we generally don’t live together in the same place.”

Ning said with surprise, “Why’s that? The Pangu Chaosworld and the Seamless Chaosworld were both destroyed long ago. This is now the era of the Three Realms, and both sides are members of the Three Realms. Why must there be a need for conflict?”

“There are blood feuds, I suppose.” Greatdream shook his head. “Both sides have seen many loved ones die during the war that destroyed the Primordial Era. The hatred between us…it’s ensured that neither side has truly been able or willing to view the other as part of the same family. The experts of the Primordial Era in particular; many of them harbor hatred in their heart. The only reason there is peace is because both sides are very powerful. If one side was to weaken, the other side would soon move to destroy them.”

Ning nodded. Greatdream’s words made some sense.

“Don’t be fooled by the long peace. The number of major powers on both sides who have truly become close friends, lifelong friends, can be counted on one hand. Only the likes of the Keeper of the Everwood is capable of becoming extremely good friends with the major powers of the Pangu Chaosworld.” Greatdream shook his head. “A gulf continues to remain amongst most of the major powers.”

“Things aren’t so bad for you. You made your breakthrough in recent years, after all. Both the Seamless Gate and the Pangu Chaosworld would view you as their progeny,” Greatdream said with a laugh.

In the eyes of the Nuwa Alliance, the denizens of the Three Realms were the progeny of the Pangu Chaosworld.

But in the eyes of the Seamless Gate, the denizens of the Three Realms were also the progeny of the Seamless Chaosworld.

Both sides felt themselves to be the masters of the Three Realms!

And in truth, neither side was wrong per sé. The Three Realms had been created, after all, when the two mighty chaosworlds had collided and clashed against each other!

“There are some grudges between myself, Sin, and Sealthroat. There’s no need for you to get mixed into it.” Greatdream chatted with Ning for quite some time.

Ning couldn’t help but secretly sigh.

No wonder…

No wonder Empyrean God Sealthroat had intentionally given Greatdream a chance to attack him, so as to authenticate Greatdream’s true nature. Greatdream truly was far too formidable; even though Ning had come to kill him, after chatting with him for so long, Ning couldn’t help but feel that he really was quite a decent person and someone worth befriending.

“He lives up to his reputation as the personal disciple of the Godking. His powers over the human heart are quite formidable,” Ning mused silently to himself.

After chatting for a long while, Greatdream suddenly let out a laugh. “Haha, we’ve chatted for quite some time. It seems the two of us really are born friends! Still, I imagine you need some rest. Have you brought any Immortal estates with you?”

“I have.” Ning nodded.

“You can set it up within the surrounding area, then rest inside,” Greatdream said. “It’ll be safer inside.”

“Inside the Immortal estate? Are there hidden dangers within Kilostar Island?” Ning was surprised.

“Ugh. The hatred stemming from the Primordial Era…but enough of that. Enough of that. Just be careful.” Greatdream smiled, then led Ning out from the palace. Just as they reached the palace stairway…suddenly, and without any warning signs, he sent a streak of light to stab towards Ning’s waist, seeking to slay Ning by chopping him in half.

Empyrean God Greatdream no longer appeared friendly or amiable. The only thing within his eyes was an icy, murderous intent.

“Anyone capable of posing a threat to me must die!” The murderous intent he had kept suppressed in his heart exploded forth.

Screeech. When the blade slashed across Ning’s chest, it screeched as though it was scraping against a magic treasure. In fact, some sparks flew outward…but ning wasn’t harmed at all.

Ning turned his head to look at Greatdream. Ning’s eyes had turned cold as well, and his right hand transformed into a blurry streak of sword-light that chopped towards the man.

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