Book 20, Chapter 14 - The Predicament (Teaser)

After chatting for a long period of time and finishing all the wine, everyone prepared to retire to their own residences. Ji Ning hurriedly advised Empyrean God Roughpeak, “Senior apprentice-brother Roughpeak, there’s a stone stele located right at the entrance to Volcano Island. The stone stele contains the representation of Snowfiend displaying the intricacies of his staff-technique in detail. You can go take a look.”

“Oh?” Roughpeak’s eyes lit up.

“Roughpeak, you haven’t taken a look yet?”

“Hurry up and take a look. That stone stele really is quite interesting.”

“Yes, hurry up and take a look!”

The Dragon Gods all laughed and urged him to go take a look.

“Fine. I’ll go take a look right now.” Roughpeak immediately headed out towards the stone stele by himself.

“My friend Darknorth, there are plenty of palaces here. Just pick one as you see fit. Since you’ve just arrived, it’s guaranteed that you won’t suffer any attacks for the next thousand years,” Empyrean God Witherdragon said.

“Alright.” Ning nodded, then casually chose a palace to temporarily reside in.

Two days later.

Roughpeak returned from his trip to the stone stele, once more reuniting with the Seven Dragon Gods.

“How did it go? That stone stele is quite nice, right?” Empyrean God Owldragon...

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