Book 19, Chapter 55 - Bowing Their Heads (Teaser)

The Godking hurriedly explained to Keeper Everwood, “Ji Ning’s wife is named Yu Wei. She was one of the countless spies we inserted into the Nuwa Alliance. The two of them had extremely deep feelings for each other. I once ordered Yu Wei to kill Ji Ning, but she actually disobeyed! Right then and there, I wanted to kill her, but given that the storm had descended and that capable people are rare, I decided to spare her.”

“During the Crimsonbright Realmwar, it can be said that Yu Wei rendered some accomplishments. I brought her soul back to us. During that war, Ji Ning’s heartforce reached the fourth level, and so he was able to completely reverse the course of the Crimsonbright Realmwar. I saw how shocking his talent was, and how deep his affection for Yu Wei was, and so I forced him to make a choice. If he joined the Seamless Gate, I would allow the two of them to reunite, and I promised that we would protect his family and his home. We would even bestow gifts and divine abilities upon him. If, however, he decided to stay with the Nuwa Alliance, I would send Yu Wei into the Infinity Hells.”

“Ji Ning…ended up choosing the Nuwa Alliance,” the Godking said.

Keeper Everwood nodded.

The war between the two alliances was a war for survival. It wasn’t appropriate for him to really criticize the Godking for his decisions, as the Godking was, nominally speaking, the leader of the...

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