Book 19, Chapter 49 - Success (Teaser)

The Voidboat once more came to a halt at the borders of the lightning sea. Yet another clone flew out into the countless streaks of lightning, beginning to slowly transform its divine body.

In truth, Ji Ning could’ve transformed one clone to the level of being able to withstand the gray lightning, then halted the transformation process and used it as the ‘base template’ for restoring his other clones. That way, all of the recreated clones would start with enough affinity for lightning to immediately go and try to be transformed by using the black lightning sea serpents. That would allow for more time to be saved. Ning, however, didn’t do this; he continued to have every single clone go through the slow transformation process.

That way, with each attempt Ning would continue to accumulate more experience.

At present, the reason why Ning was able to endure the gray lightning was thanks to his divine body having trained in the Ninth Cycle of the [Eight-Nine Arcane Art], rather than due to him being experienced in lightning. He only succeeded due to his incredibly tough body. By testing things out time and time again, he was accumulating experience. He would rather spend an extra three months gaining experience than potentially waste a tiny bit of chaos nectar.

“Mm.” Atop the Voidboat, Ning frowned. He once more sensed the agony of his soul being destroyed.

Yet another failure.


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