Book 19, Chapter 44 - Empyrean Gods and Celestial Immortals (Teaser)

After the female True Immortal known as ‘Empress Jin’ perished, Ji Ning carefully went through the relics that she had left behind. Although his gains were significant, he didn’t find any important techniques or chaos items which he was in desperate need of. Clearly, prior to coming to this prisonworld, she had exchanged items that she couldn’t use for large amounts of spirit pills and Immortal pills. Here in this prisonworld, those were what really mattered.

“Although I used six types of treasures at the same time to unleash fire, water, and wind against her…clearly, the power was vastly inferior to that of the Eight Fires Qiankun World.” Ning shook his head. “I’ll let my other clone deal with the True Gods and True Immortals. I should have this one deal with the Empyrean Gods and Celestial Immortals. Although their treasures are much less valuable, and although the chances that they are in possession of a powerful technique are very low, at least I can kill them or force them to submit in a much shorter period of time. I can also use them to train and temper my [Brightmoon] sword-art.”

Ning had already comprehended 90% of the third chapter of the [Five Treasures] sword-art. The remaining parts were becoming increasingly difficult to understand. He would need to rely on repeated, actual battles so as to gain the insights he needed to better understand...

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