Book 19, Chapter 29 - Meeting the Elder God (Teaser)

Even though they were hundreds of kilometers apart, Ji Ning’s clone could still see the distant form of the utterly emaciated wild dog lying on the ground. He immediately grew even more courteous and respectful. His heartforce had shown him how formidable this seemingly-unremarkable wild dog was. It had been able to devour even the invisible, formless power of heartforce; how could Ning possibly be a match for it?

“Senior, this junior is the newly-arrived Overseer. There’s something I would ask of you, senior,” Ning’s clone said.

Sniff. Sniff. The wild dog’s nostrils flared a few times, and then its eyes opened, revealing a pair of ancient-looking dark-yellow pupils. It opened its mouth.


Everything within a thousand kilometers began to change.

The platter which Ning’s clone was holding actually flew into the air and towards that mouth. The fine wine and delicacies on the platter flew with especial speed!

“Eh?” Ning’s clone was completely unable to resist this power. “What a formidable divine ability.”

As the wine and food reached the wild dog’s mouth, they began to shrink in size, then flew straight into it. Even Ning’s clone was about to be sucked in!

“Senior! Senior!” Ning’s clone called out repeatedly, but the wild dog completely ignored him.


Ning’s clone could sense that he was shrinking in size, while the wild dog before him was growing larger and larger, seemingly as large as the...

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