Book 18, Chapter 54 - Release

The utterly indomitable Daofather golem…had actually been suppressed in power by a Heaven Punisher!

Those two swords had struck down as if they possessed the power to cleave apart Heaven and Earth. The Daofather golem was completely unable to endure their power, resulting in it being knocked into a kneeling crouch.

“How can this be?! Just him by himself?” Sword Immortal Evergreen’s heart was filled with both rage and panic. “How can I possibly be unable to overcome Ji Ning? I should be able to beat him and Redsnow combined. How can I possibly be defeated by him alone?!” Sword Immortal Evergreen had already made many boasts before the Daofather and his fellow Immortals…and his victory was necessary and critical for the entire Realmwar to be won!

If he was to lose…how could he face the Seamless Gate afterwards?

He had already betrayed the Nuwa Alliance. He needed to have a firm footing within the Seamless Alliance now.

This battle was incredibly important to him!

“You imbecile! Why are you competing with him in strength? Since he has incredible power, hurry up and use your speed and agility!” Daofather Ink Bamboo’s mental voice carried urgency and panic within it as well. “Quick, quick, quick! The two armies have already begun to fight against each other. You have to win. If you lose, our army will lose all of its morale and collapse!”

“Yes, Daofather. I was merely testing his strength, just now,” Sword Immortal Evergreen immediately responded.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The Daofather spider-golem’s thin legs began to move quickly, tearing apart the ground as it scuttled backwards like a streak of twisted light, retreating into the distance.

Boom. Boom. Boom.

The armies of the Crimsonbright Realm and the Seamless Gate were quite fast as well. They had already begun to battle against each other. The soldiers of each side started to slaughter each other, and many Immortals and Fiendgods began to perish.

The Seamless Gate had suffered castastrophic losses last time. Although the three Diremonster Gods of Mount Dragoneater led their allies, they were still at a marked disadvantage.


The skies themselves seemed to turn dark as chaotic whirlpools of natural energy could be seen everywhere.

Ning’s towering Heaven Punisher wielded two enormous Ananda World-Swords as he bound forward on bare feet, chasing after the Daofather golem.

“Hurry up and get rid of that Heaven Punisher and the Seven Planets God,” Daofather Ink Bamboo sent frantically. “Kill them as fast as you can. If you let them tie you down, we’re going to lose!”

“Yes, Daofather.”

Sword Immortal Evergreen ground his teeth, madness visible within his eyes.

“He’s very strong; I can’t fight against him head-on. But my Daofather golem is incredible fast and agile; I refuse to believe you can overcome me.” The Daofather spider-golem’s enormous body was actually so nimble that it left behind a series of twisted streaks of light in the skies as it charged towards Ning. Clearly, Sword Immortal Evergreen wasn’t willing to lose by Ning’s hands.

“Die.” Four of the slender, knife-like spider-legs of the Daofather-golem pierced straight towards Ning’s Heaven Punisher.

“F*ck off!” Ning’s Heaven Punisher lashed out with its right hand, and the Ananda World-Sword within its right hand left behind a wave of light in the skies. It was like a waterfall of sword-light…and with a thundering collision, the four attacking spider-legs of the Daofather golem were completely blocked by this single sword-stroke.

“Entangle.” Ning’s other sword lashed out as well, transforming into a stream of sword-light of incredible speed and density. It struck down, pierced forward, slashed sideways…sword-light flowed past in so many different ways that it was as though a flood of sword-light was entangling the Daofather golem.


At this moment, snowflakes began to drift in from far away. The spear-wielding Seven Planets God had arrived as well, and as soon as it came, its longspear struck out like a swimming dragon against the Daofather golem.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

Consecutive assaults from Ning’s Heaven Punisher and Redsnow’s Seven Planets God landed upon the body of the Daofather golem. The Daofather golem was completely undamaged, but due to the repeated assaults from the two of them, it had been temporarily tied down.

“Damn. Damn! How is this happening!?” Sword Immortal Evergreen was truly growing frantic.

“Senior Redsnow, leave this Daofather golem to me. Hurry up and help our army destroy the Seamless Gate’s forces as fast as possible,” Ning sent mentally.

“Ji Ning, are you sure you can handle it?” Empyrean God Redsnow sent mentally.

“I’m sure,” Ning replied.


Empyrean God Redsnow trusted Ning; he knew Ning very well, after all, and understood his temperament. In addition, it was true that while the Seamless Gate’s forces were at a disadvantage on the battlefield, the Seamless Gate simply had far too many of those Empyrean God golems. Killing them was far more difficult than killing the other Immortals and Fiendgods and Terrorbeasts. The counter-attacks led by the Seamless Gate’s Three-Eyed Demon were also quite savage. If the fight continued like this…even if they ended up winning, they’d suffer heavy losses.

Swoosh! The snow continued to fall as spacetime began to twist and distort. The Seven Planets God, longspear in hand, moved at an absolutely incredible speed as he charged straight towards the army of the Seamless Gate.

“What?! The Seven Planets God is attacking!”

“Not good! Stop him, quick!”

“We’re in trouble now.”

The Seamless Gate’s army instantly began to panic. They knew exactly how terrifying this Seven Planets God was. During the last battle, the three Diremonster Gods of Mount Dragoneater and multiple other Empyrean Gods and True Immortals had to join forces against it, but were still unable to defeat it.

Daofather Ink Bamboo was watching from atop the distant city walls of the levitating Seamless City. His face instantly changed, and he roared mentally, “Evergreen, quick! The Seven Planets God has already left your region and is charging towards the main army! My army is completely unable to defend against it. The more time passes, the more of them will be slaughtered. The only person you are faced with is Ji Ning! Hurry up and get rid of him, then go support the army!”

“He’s by himself. I HAVE to be able to kill him.” Sword Immortal Evergreen had gone completely berserk…but in truth, in his heart, he didn’t feel any confidence.

This was because the power which Ji Ning had revealed was far greater than what he had expected. However, he also knew that for the sake of this entire battle, he had to kill Ji Ning no matter what, and quickly! The more this dragged on, the greater a massacre the Seven Planets God would wreak upon the Seamless Gate’s army.

Per the original estimations of Sword Immortal Evergreen, Daofather Ink Bamboo, the Godking, and the other major powers of the Seamless Gate, Ji Ning’s Heaven Punisher and Redsnow’s Seven Planets God would perhaps be able to just barely hold their own against the Daofather golem. If the Seven Planets God was to attack the army, then Ji Ning would be quickly killed, allowing the Daofather golem to then fight the Seven Planets God by itself and kill it. Thus…per their original expectations, for the Seven Planets God to abandon Ji Ning and instead attack the main army would be absolutely wonderful.

But though man proposes, Heaven disposes!

Yes, on the field of battle, the Seven Planets God had chosen to attack the great army…and Ji Ning’s Heaven Punisher truly was facing the Daofather golem by itself. But…could the Daofather golem kill it?


“Die, die, DIE!” The titanic Daofather spider-golem had transformed into a series of twisted light-streaks, assaulting Ning’s Heaven Punisher time and time again.

Boom! Boom!

Brandishing the two enormous Ananda World-Swords in his hands, Ning’s aura seemed equivalent to Xingtian’s own aura! Evergreen’s Daofather golem was at a marked disadvantage, and Ning’s sword-arts were extremely well-suited for defense. No matter how the Daofather golem assaulted Ning, it wasn’t able to wound Ning in the slightest.

“Excellent!” Daofather Crimsonbright, watching from the walls of the Eight Dragons Cloudcity, was instantly delighted.

On the walls of the Seamless City, however, Daofather Ink Bamboo’s face was ashen.

They had lost.

Once he saw the Daofather golem go all-out but still be unable to kill Ji Ning, he knew that they had lost!

In truth, if the Seven Planets God and Ji Ning’s Heaven Punisher were able to block the Daofather golem, then the Seamless Gate would lose…much less Ji Ning being able to do it by himself.

“Since you can’t kill him, forget about him.” A deep, low voice boomed out within Sword Immortal Evergreen’s mind.

“The Godking.” Sword Immortal Evergreen was shocked.

He understood that upon seeing that this war was about to be lost, the Godking was no longer able to remain calm. The Godking was now personally giving orders.

“Hurry up and charge towards the Crimsonbright Realm’s army. If you attack them, you’ll at least be able to buy some time for our army to retreat.” The Godking was suppressing his anger as he gave the orders. “Attack with all your power. Do everything you can. The more Immortals and Fiendgods you can tie down, the more of our forces will be able to retreat safely.”

“Yes.” Sword Immortal Evergreen acknowledged the order.

The enormous Daofather spider-golem turned and immediately began to leave, intending to charge towards the Crimsonbright Realm’s army.

“You want to leave?” Ning ran forward, his tremendous power granting him incredible speed! Perhaps his Heaven Punisher was a bit weaker in terms of agility, but in terms of running speed alone he wasn’t slower than the Daofather golem at all; he was in control of 90% of the power of this perfect Heaven Punisher!

In terms of strength, he was noticeably and significantly stronger than the Daofather golem.

In terms of speed, he wasn’t any weaker than the Daofather golem either.

Whoosh. Ning took eight giant steps forward, then launched a blow of sword-light towards the retreating Daofather golem.

“What?!” Sword Immortal Evergreen was absolutely shocked.

He hurriedly shot forward like a streak of twisted light, seeking to dodge…but the massive Heaven Punisher, clad only in a fur loincloth, took yet another great leap forward. It caught up with just a step and once more launched a sword-light assault of incredible power.


“Ahahah, the Daofather golem has been completely tied down. It can’t even slow down our army’s assaults. Kill them, kill them all!” Daofather Crimsonbright was absolutely beside himself with joy.

“Kill them all!” The Xia Emperor and the others finally let loose all of the repressed anger they had felt.

The Raindragons, the massive Pangu War-Formations, and the countless Heaven Punishers…they began a wild slaughter of the enemy forces. Some of the Empyrean God golems were suppressed so thoroughly that they were even sucked away into magic treasures.

The Seven Planets God in particular…its longspear was an absolute slaughterer!

Slash! Slash! Slash!

Fresh blood flew everywhere!

Countless Immortals and Fiends perished!

A massacre, led by the Seven Planets God. It was an absolute massacre. The Seamless Gate’s forces began to show signs of collapse.

Nobody could stop the Seven Planets God. The only one that could, the Daofather golem…had been tied down by the inconceivably powerful perfect Heaven Punisher of Ji Ning.

“How could this have happened? How?!” Sword Immortal Evergreen, the commander of the Daofather golem, was now completely dazed and stunned. He was supposed to become the most dazzling figure to take part in this final battle…but instead, this had turned into an unexpected nightmare.

Right. A nightmare.

This terrifying Heaven Punisher in front of him…it was merely a Heaven Punisher, merely a formation composed of some Celestial Immortals and Loose Immortals. How could it possibly be able to tie down his incomparably powerful Daofather golem, which had been created from incredibly precious materials?

“How can he be so powerful? The Three Realms holds several formations like the ‘Heaven Punisher Formation’ or the ‘White-Faced Flood Dragon Formation’…why is it that the one Ji Ning is commanding is so powerful? It should’ve been…it should’ve been my chance to dominate the battlefield…my chance to massacre them…”

Sword Immortal Evergreen was truly panicking now. He couldn’t even imagine how he was supposed to face the other members of the Seamless Gate.

As for Ning, he remained completely focused on shutting down the Daofather golem, making it so that it was able to advance only at a very slow speed. There was no way he would be able to make it to the Crimsonbright Realm’s forces. The Crimsonbright Realm’s forces were thus able to utterly massacre their foes.

“Ji Ning, stay your hand! Stay your hand!” The Godking’s voice rang out in Ning’s mind.

“Godking?” Ning replied calmly, “This is war.”


Ning launched yet another sword-blow, once more forcing the Daofather spider-golem to its knees.

“Stay your hand immediately. Otherwise…don’t blame me if I kill your Dao-companion, Yu Wei! I’ll let her truly perish!” The Godking went straight to threatening Ning.

Ning’s eyes remained as cold as ice. “If you want to kill her, then kill her.”

The Godking was instantly stunned.

“She’s suffering endless torment within your Infinity Hells. If you kill her…it’ll be a form of release for her.” Ning’s reply was very calm, but it filled the Godking’s heart with utter ice.

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