Book 18, Chapter 42 - Daughter, Brightmoon (Teaser)

“Don’t be in such a rush! Get dressed before you go out!” Yu Wei’s voice could be heard within the room.

“The clothes we prepared…were too small…” Autumn Leaf’s worried voice rang out as well.


The door to the residence was blasted open, and a butt-naked child with tousled hair came flying straight out of it. Ji Ning immediately saw that this child was a little girl. Her skin was so soft and tender, it seemed as though water was about to come out of it. Her eyes were filled with lively intelligence, and she actually had the divine tattoo of a flame in the middle of her forehead.

The area around the little girl was surrounded by flames, as though she was a young fire elemental.

BOOM! The little girl first happily flew out, then gave the wooden door yet another kick, causing it to completely splinter apart. She revealed a look of delight, then turned and swept Ji Ning, Mu Northson, Ji Truekeep, and the Whitewater Hound with her gaze. She said in a clear, crisp voice, “You guys…which one of you is my father?”

Ning, Northson, Uncle White, and the others all stared in amazement.

A long moment passed before they were able to recover.

“Good…heavens.” Northson blinked several times. “This…this is a newborn?”

“According to the legends, the children of Immortals and Fiendgods are quite incredible. This is my first time seeing one. This is too…”...

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