Book 18, Chapter 27 - Ambush (Teaser)

The Heaven Realm.

Ever since that ancient, primordial war had resulted in the shattering of the world and the creation of the Three Realms, the Heaven Realm had been the largest remnant-world that had been left behind. The aura of the Heaven Realm was very similar to that of the aura of the ancient world. In this vast realm, the Celestial Court merely held partial sway, commanding the eastern reaches. Mount Ling of the Buddhists was located in the west, and the many Buddhas were all located there, resulting in it having a much higher status than the Court.

When the Celestial Emperor saw the Buddhas, he would have to behave with the utmost of respect.

The Buddhas were all figures comparable to True Gods and Daofathers, after all; at most, they would be superficially courteous to the Celestial Emperor, the nominal leader of the Three Realms.

The Heaven Realm was also filled with sacred grounds of the Daoist Path.

The Daoist Path, the Buddhist Sangha…they were the true powers of the Heaven Realm. Second only to them were the various major powers. Of course, there were many other Empyrean Gods and True Immortals with their own turfs and territories in this realm as well, where their rule held sway. They paid no attention to the Celestial Emperor at all.


The Heaven Realm. Mount Tonglian.

“Great King! Great King!” A Void-level...

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