Book 18, Chapter 27 - Ambush

The Heaven Realm.

Ever since that ancient, primordial war had resulted in the shattering of the world and the creation of the Three Realms, the Heaven Realm had been the largest remnant-world that had been left behind. The aura of the Heaven Realm was very similar to that of the aura of the ancient world. In this vast realm, the Celestial Court merely held partial sway, commanding the eastern reaches. Mount Ling of the Buddhists was located in the west, and the many Buddhas were all located there, resulting in it having a much higher status than the Court.

When the Celestial Emperor saw the Buddhas, he would have to behave with the utmost of respect.

The Buddhas were all figures comparable to True Gods and Daofathers, after all; at most, they would be superficially courteous to the Celestial Emperor, the nominal leader of the Three Realms.

The Heaven Realm was also filled with sacred grounds of the Daoist Path.

The Daoist Path, the Buddhist Sangha…they were the true powers of the Heaven Realm. Second only to them were the various major powers. Of course, there were many other Empyrean Gods and True Immortals with their own turfs and territories in this realm as well, where their rule held sway. They paid no attention to the Celestial Emperor at all.


The Heaven Realm. Mount Tonglian.

“Great King! Great King!” A Void-level mouse-type Diremonster flew forward, calling out loudly. He soon reached a great palace, inside of which were six Diremonsters Gods with difference appearances. These six Diremonster Gods were drinking from cauldrons of wine and eating large chunks of meat with utter relish.

“What is it?” A massively, burly, golden-eyed Diremonster God with long whiskers barked out.

The Void-level Diremonster hurriedly knelt down with a thud. “Great King, True Immortal Songcloud has sent an emissary inviting the six of you go gather at his Cloudsong Mountain half a year from now.”

“True Immortal Songcloud?”

The six Diremonster Gods immediately shook off the effects of the wine, becoming completely sober. They each exchanged a glance.

“Understood. True Immortal Songcloud always wastes time dithering about. Us six brothers, our time is incredibly precious, and we’re not in a mood to go out wandering. Tell the emissary to f*ck off.” A tall, skinny Diremonster God whose face was covered with azure scales barked out at the mouse Diremonster.

“Yes, yes, yes!” The Void-level Diremonster immediately retreated.

“Ugh. I’m feeling a bit woozy from all the wine. I’m going to take a nap.” The golden-eyed Diremonster immediately lay down and began to snore.

“I’m going to nap as well.” Yet another lay down.

“If you won’t drink, I will.”

Some of the six Diremonster Gods went to sleep, while others continued to drink.

But even though they continued to drink…as Empyrean Gods, they were naturally able to easily create lesser clones of themselves. Their clones were all hiding within their respective Immortal estates, and they immediately went to sleep.


The Heaven Realm. Cloudmist Creek.

Deep within the flows of Cloudmist Creek, there was an underwater palace. There were all sorts of monsters serving within this underwater palace, including shrimp soldiers and crab commanders. The masters of this underwater estate were the famous Nine Cloudmist Fairies. The Nine Cloudmist Fairies…although they were described as ‘Fairies’, in reality they were Diremonsters who had trained to reach the Empyrean God or True Immortal level. Because they shared deep affection for each other, advancing and retreating in lockstep, they became famously tough to deal with in the Three Realms.

When all nine of them joined forces…unless a True God or a Daofather intervened, there were very few in the Three Realms who could do anything to them.

“Sisters, enough play. It’s time to train. The storm has come, and we can’t waste any time or relax.” The eldest sister of the nine, Fairy Skycloud, spoke out.

“Our eldest sister speaks the truth.” The other beautiful Diremonsters all assented to her words.

They all returned to their still rooms, ostensibly to train…but in reality, they entered the realm of dreams.


Within the vast world of darkness.

The massive Godking sat upon his towering, thirty thousand meter throne, his black robes cast around him like a dark mist. He sat there, quietly.

One group of Immortals and Fiendgods after another began to appear before him.

“Why has the Godking summoned us?”

“Eh? This many people?”

“The six Diremonster Gods of Mount Tonglian have arrived. The Nine Cloudmist Fairies have arrived as well? Hey, aren’t those the three Diremonster Gods of Mount Dragoneater? So they are on our side as well? Last time, the three Diremonster Gods of Mount Dragoneater killed two Bodhisattva’s of the Buddhist Sangha.”

Many Immortals and Fiendgods began to congregate, all at the Empyrean God or True Immortal level.

There were some weaker ones who were ‘ordinary’ Empyrean Gods and True Immortals, but the likes of the six Diremonster Gods of Mount Tonglian, the Nine Cloudmist Fairies, and the three Diremonster Gods of Mount Dragoneater stood at the very top. Although the Godking had a hundred Seamless Gates, supreme powers like those three reported directly to the Godking himself! The other Seamless Gates were unable to give orders to them.

“We prostrate ourselves before you, Godking.”

“We prostrate ourselves before you, Godking.”

Although they all felt shock in their hearts upon arriving, they all knelt down respectfully.

As time passed, more and more Immortals and Fiendgods arrived, with True Immortal Whitepole and Gatemaster Azurefox included amongst them. When the sixty-eighth member arrived, the Godking, seated upon his high throne, finally spoke out.

“The Crimsonbright Realm is under the control of Daofather Crimsonbright.” The Godking’s voice rang out, filling every inch of this vast, dark world as well as the hearts of his subordinates. “If the Seamless Gate is to gain in karmic luck, then we have to take control of many major worlds. Our previous battles against the Crimsonbright Realm were merely small skirmishes, and Daofather Crimsonbright has been holding his own power in reserve as well. Both of our sides have been preparing for a true Realmwar to begin.”

All of the Empyrean Gods and True Immortals seated below were startled. They were immediately able to guess at what the Godking had summoned them for.

“If we do not completely destroy them, we won’t be able to stabilize our control over their major worlds. We must gain victory in the Realmwar; we must defeat them completely.” The Godking’s voice turned icy. “If we can defeat them in the Realmwar, then the worlds of the Crimsonbright Realm will become powerless to resist us, allowing us to win them over with ease.”

“If we do not defeat them…then they will be able to push us out from even the major worlds we’ve taken over for now.”

“The Realmwar against the Crimsonbright Realm…shall be located on the world of the Grand Xia!”

The Godking made his announcement.

The Godking had an extremely high status amongst the high-level major powers of the Seamless Gate. In addition…the still-slumbering presence had only taken on a single apprentice; the Godking! This made the Godking’s status quite transcendental; so long as he didn’t commit a major error, the Godking would usually remain in control over the full forces of the Seamless Gates.

“The current master of the Grand Xia is a member of the Primordial Imperial Clan, Xiamang Sun. This Xia Emperor’s power is quite formidable,” the Godking said. “Azurefox commanded her forces to clash against the Xia Emperor numerous times, but at present she is losing!”


All of the Immortals and Fiendgods looked towards Azurefox. They all knew that Azurefox was completely devoted to the Godking. Amongst the individuals present, some were fanatically loyal while some had been seduced by the great power the Seamless Gate had to offer, which was why they had joined. Even those, however, were afforded tremendous respect by the Seamless Gate, due to their own power.

“The reason why she is losing is because a new variable has emerged on the side of the Grand Xia’s Xia Emperor; a variable named Ji Ning,” the Godking said. “The Heaven Punisher he commands is incredibly powerful. As for exactly how powerful…spend some time chatting with Azurefox, and you’ll all understand.”

“Understood,” they all assented.

“I’ve summoned you here in such a cautious way because…I want you to launch a sneak attack.” The Godking’s eyes flashed with lightning.

“Sneak attack?”

Everyone present began to ponder.

“Right now, the Grand Xia is most likely celebrating their great success. I trust they are planning to completely wipe out Azurefox’s forces,” the Godking said. “After you all assemble at the world of the Grand Xia, stay in hiding; just accompany Azurefox and the others as they fight. When the time comes…all of you are to appear simultaneously. Wipe out all of the forces of the Xia Emperor. Leave no survivors!”

“Yes!” The Immortals and Fiendgods all grew eager.

An ambush?

An unexpected surprise. Given their power, they were indeed overwhelmingly more powerful and would indeed be capable of utterly crushing and slaughtering the Xia Emperor’s forces.

“The most important aspect to this ambush…is to be careful. No matter what, do not let this information leak out,” the Godking said solemnly. “Some of the major powers within the Nuwa Alliance are able to watch the entire Three Realms. That Subhuti in particular…he is Ji Ning’s master, and is most likely keeping an eye on the war for the Grand Xia. He’s also capable of using his [Dream of the Three Realms]…one he finds out, our ambush will fail.”

“So Ji Ning is Subhuti’s disciple.” All of the Immortals and Fiendgods were secretly surprised, and they grew even more wary of him.

This was because Daofather Subhuti was legendary for his ability to teach and train disciples.

“You have to be careful. For now, gather and remain in the Void beyond the Three Realms,” the Godking instructed. “That way, Subhuti will not be able to discover you. Then, go into hiding and have the two Jueming Immortals use their Protocosmic spirit-treasure to tear a hole to the Void, bringing you straight into Azurefox’s Seamless City. That way, even if Subhuti discovers the two of you, he’ll only think that you are there to provide reinforcements.”

Everyone below the throne nodded. Indeed. Right now, Azurefox’s Seamless Gate was losing. If she asked the Godking for reinforcements, and the Godking hadn’t decided to initiate a Realmwar…sending out the two Jueming Immortals as reinforcements was indeed his original plan. Thus, this sort of arrangement made sense and didn’t have any visible flaws.

“Remember. The most important component of this ambush is for it to remain a secret,” the Godking reminded them once again.

“Understood,” they all acknowledged.

All of them were quite eager. They would first wipe out all of the Xia Emperor’s forces, including the one named Ji Ning. Then, they would engage in a battle against the army of Daofather Crimsonbright. If they were able to wipe out the Xia Emperor’s forces, the Realmwar would be easier for them to win.


The Xia Emperor’s forces naturally were completely oblivious that the Godking was summoning his forces within the dreamworld.

The Eight Dragons Cloudcity.

The Xia Emperor was filled with complete confident right now. He stood in midair as he said in a loud voice, “Everyone, we are extremely close to victory. We need to seize this chance to kill more of the Immortals and Fiendgods of the Seamless Gate. We are going to expel them from the Grand Xia and make it so that they never again dare to invade. If they choose to fight to the death…then we will wipe them all out!”




The countless gathered Immortals and Fiendgods all roared loudly. Their morale was at an all-time high…and the Xia Emperor was filled with confidence as well.

The entirety of Whitepole Commandery was trapped within his formation. Not even Greater Teleportation would allow anyone to enter this place. The only possibility was if someone forcibly tore a hole through space…but if that was to happen, he would definitely notice! Once he saw any signs that the Seamless Gate was being reinforced, he would ask Daofather Crimsonbright for help. Daofather Crimsonbright had promised the Xia Emperor that if the Xia Emperor was able to force the enemy to call for reinforcements, he would definitely help out.

“Let’s head to the Seamless City!” The Xia Emperor ordered.

Instantly, many grand formations began to take shape within the Eight Dragons Cloudcity.

One massive, towering Heaven Punisher after another began to take form, as well as the even more massive Pangu War-Formations. Although some Fiendgods had perished, most were still alive. The two remaining Pangu War-Formations had lent the destroyed one some of their forces, and so they were still able to form three of the Pangu War-Formations! That massively powerful Raindragon swam about in the air above them as well…and the Empyrean God golems were all activated.

The most powerful aura of them all, however…belonged to the Heaven Punisher that wielded two massive swords in its hands!

“KILL!” Military morale was at a peak as the mighty, awe-inspiring army suddenly vanished into thin air, having teleported outside the Eight Dragons Cloudcity.

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