Book 18, Chapter 26 - The Godking’s Decision (Teaser)

Within a private room.

A single candle had already been lit. A fragrant smoke was drifting about, filling the entire room. Azurefox was seated in the lotus position, and she slowly closed her eyes, gradually entering the realm of slumber and dreams.


Azurefox appeared within the vast world of darkness. At the center of the world of darkness, a towering figure suddenly appeared atop a towering throne that was at least thirty thousand meters tall, a figure that was covered in black robes.

“You lost?” The Godking looked downwards calmly, his voice reverberating within the entire world.

“Forgive me, Godking.” Azurefox immediately fell to her knees. She said hurriedly, “We’ve already done everything we can, and everything unfolded as we expected, but…who would’ve thought that Ji Ning, who clearly was just a Celestial Immortal, would become the most powerful force on the side of the Xia Emperor? It is very taxing for us to withstand just his Heaven Punisher alone. We truly have no other options…”

The Godking just looked at her silently.

Azurefox knelt there, not daring to lift up her head.

“I was watching the battle between you and the Grand Xia this entire time,” the Godking said calmly. “Ji Ning’s rate of improvement truly is quite fast…but in addition to that, each of you were cowardly and feared for your lives. Whitepole, in particular…has truly disappointed me! I bestowed a Dao-fruit of primordial chaos upon him, but he still wasn’t able to gain victory.”

“Forgive us,...

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