Book 18, Chapter 23 - The Power Of A Pure Yang True Immortal (Teaser)


The elemental energy contained with Pure Yang Immortal pills was of incredible purity. It instantly transformed into a tidalwave of elemental energy within Ji Ning’s Jindan region. The energy of each pill was completely released, and the entire Jindan drank it all up thirstily, as though it was starving for energy. It was like a riverbed that was so dry, the ground had cracked; even if a torrent of rain was to fall onto it, the riverbed would be able to easily absorb it all.

In fact, the rate at which the Immortal pills released energy couldn’t even catch up to the rate at which the Jindan was absorbing it.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Within Ning’s chest, five types of semi-transparent ki began to manifest and flow.

These five streams of ki came from the insights Ning had in the five Daos of the Five Elements. They now all gathered together, connecting Ning to the essence of Heaven and Earth itself.

Ning had trained for many years. Aside from the Dao of the Sword, his accomplishments in the Grand Dao of the Waterdrop were the most advanced. He had mastered more than half of it by now. As for ordinary water-related Daos, he had long since mastered sixteen different types. In truth, mastering ordinary Daos was now of very little help to Ning. While working on his Grand Dao, he would occasionally...

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