Book 18, Chapter 14 - No Way Out (Teaser)

Ji Ning could sense a terrifying power spread out to encompass his entire body. He had bent his knees and assumed a stable stance to build up power to block the blow, but upon actually receiving this terrifying strike from Venomsong’s White-Faced Flood Dragon…Ning couldn’t help but stagger back heavily by one step. He almost went down to one knee as his body was pressed downwards before he was able to weather the powerful collision.

Bang! A cold smirk was on Venomsong’s White-Faced Flood Dragon as his second claw attack ripped out towards Ning.

He had two sharp claws, after all! Just now, he had only used a single one to tear at Ning.


Ning remained very clear-headed. His right hand manifested another longsword, and his sword-light struck out like water, lashing sideways against the sharp claws of the Venomsong Terrorbeast and knocking it aside. Ning immediately retreated, pulling back. “Hmph. This White-Faced Flood Dragon’s first claw came with all of its power and was tremendously strong. The sudden attack from the second claw, however, was a bit weaker.”

Venomsong didn’t really expect to actually be able to slay Ji Ning with just two claws. He immediately moved to pursue Ning, sending the two claws in another ferocious strike.

Ning was forced back time and time again, but he was still able to hold on.

“Ji Ning.”

“Fellow Daoist Darknorth.”

“Hold on!”

The other Heaven Punishers came to assist Ning.

Empyrean God Venomsong could tell that he had lost his chance. All he could do was furiously strike out with his draconic tail.


Ning lifted both...

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