Book 17, Chapter 24 - The Tribulation (Teaser)

Uncle White, Autumn Leaf, Mu Northson, and the others watching from far away were all extremely nervous. Immortal Diancai immediately said consolingly to them, “I was able to successfully overcome my tribulation. This disciple of mine is more powerful than me, even as I am right now, and his Primaltwin is merely a Ki Refiner; I trust his Celestial Tribulation won’t be too powerful. He’ll definitely succeed in overcoming it.”

“Right.” They all nodded, including Yu Wei. However, Yu Wei still felt restlessness in her heart. This was because she had been an apprentice to Patriarch Lu; she knew very well that Patriarch Lu’s tribulation had been one with nine nine-sets of thunder tribulation; clearly, Ki Refiners could also encounter incredibly terrifying Celestial Tribulations.


Atop the distant, solitary mountain peak, Ning’s true body which had been seated in the lotus position suddenly vanished. He had entered the underwater estate, leaving behind only the black-robed Primaltwin Ning, who still continued to sit there.

The golden-lotus Primal within the black-robed Ning’s body began to undergo its final breakthrough. It surged to the peak of the Void-level and began to actively call out for the Celestial Tribulation to descend…

Whooooosh. Whoooosh. Whooooosh.

A wind arose.

“It’s begun.”

“The wind tribulation.”

“The Celestial Tribulation has started.” Immortal Diancai and the others all stared nervously.

Everything had been completely calm...

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