Book 17, Chapter 22 - A Graceful Departure (Teaser)

Yu Wei and Immortal Diancai suddenly felt spacetime around them began to change and blur. By the time their surroundings turned solid once more, they were now within a hallway next to Autumn Leaf. Upon seeing Immortal Diancai and Yu Wei suddenly appear, Autumn Leaf was quite startled. She immediately addressed the two: “Madame, Immortal Diancai.”

“It seems they don’t want us to watch,” Immortal Diancai said with a helpless laugh.

“I wonder who junior apprentice-brother’s master is.” Yu Wei was curious as well.

Just now, they had only heard the words, ‘I’m his master’, before they were forcibly teleported away. They hadn’t seen the man at all, much less learn who Ji Ning’s master was.

“What happened?” Autumn Leaf was intrigued. “You said something about the young master’s teacher?”

“Nothing.” Yu Wei shook her head and smiled. “It’s something good, but it’s not something for us to know about.”

“Oh.” Autumn Leaf nodded, asking no further.


“Master.” Ning immediately called out with respect and excitement. The skinny, white-bearded elder in the Daoist robes smiled and nodded towards Ning, then looked towards Old Man Yuan.

“YOU!” Old Man Yuan’s eyes bulged. “You cucumber! You friggin’ cucumber! You ended up snatching away such a wonderful disciple!”

“This is the third time, you know.” Patriarch Subhuti sighed. “Why do you always come after the disciples...

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