Book 17, Chapter 15 - Lets Have A Baby

Within a private room.

The azure-robed woman lit a stick of incense. She was in a superb mood due to Youngflame Freak throwing his support to her side, and so it took a while for her to completely fall asleep.


Within her dreams.

This was a wide, vast prairie. A black-robed maiden materialized out of nowhere within it.

“Eh? Why have…” Yu Wei’s face changed. She immediately understood that she had been guided to this place. As she swept it with her gaze, she saw the distant azure-robed woman walking towards her.

“My respectful greetings to you, Envoy,” Yu Wei immediately said respectfully.

“Yu Wei, long time no see.” The azure-robed woman smiled. “Your last mission was completed perfectly. We have another mission for you now.”

Yu Wei’s heart clenched.

Her last mission…had been the capture of Celestial Immortal Hunchmont. However, it hadn’t been for her to carry out the actual capturing; all she had to do was help out a bit to make it happen! That had been quite a simple mission; Yu Wei had done only a few things, and there was no chance of her status being revealed.

“Please instruct me, Envoy,” Yu Wei said respectfully.

“The mission is related to your Dao-companion, Ji Ning.” The azure-robed woman carefully scrutinized Yu Wei for her reaction.

Yu Wei’s heart clenched yet again, but she didn’t ask anything.

“The Godking commands,” the azure-robed woman said, “For you to bring Ji Ning straight to the Fifth World through Greater Teleportation.”

“I’ve never been to the Fifth World before,” Yu Wei said hurriedly.

“The Godking has long ago informed you all of the locations of the three thousand major worlds. There’s no need for you to teleport to a specific location; any place within the Fifth World will do,” the azure-robed woman said. “This will be very simple for you.”

Yu Wei was silent.

She could do this, of course; the Godking had given her this order, precisely because it would be very easy for her to accomplish.


She wasn’t willing to do it!

Even if she had to die, she wouldn’t do it!

“What are you going to do?” Yu Wei asked.

“That isn’t for you to worry about,” the azure-robed woman snapped. “Does the Godking need to explain his orders to you?”

“I can’t do it.” Yu Wei shook her head. Her voice was soft, but it was very resolute.

“Why can’t you do it? You are Ji Ning’s Dao-companion; he trusts you absolutely. All you have to do is say to him, ‘I’m going to take you somewhere; once you get there, you’ll understand.’ A very simple phrase; Ji Ning won’t suspect a thing. Lead him in a Greater Teleportation and go to the Fifth World…and your mission will be completed,” the azure-robed woman said.

Yu Wei immediately said, “I’ve become apprenticed to Patriarch Lu. In the future, I’ll have a chance to infiltrate the very core of the Daoist Path. If I take Ji Ning to the Fifth World, I’ll be exposed!”

“Once you are exposed, you won’t have to hide any longer. You can openly and honorably serve the Godking.” The azure-robed woman’s gaze turned cold. “You’ve said a few too many things today. On account of the fact that the target is your Dao-companion, I’ll pardon your impudence this once, but I will not pardon it a second time.”

Yu Wei gritted her teeth.

“He is my Dao-companion.” Yu Wei looked at the azure-robed woman.

“I know.” The azure-robed woman looked back at her.

“He’s the most important person in the world to me.” Yu Wei looked at her steadily. “More important than even my own life.”

The azure-robed woman’s gaze turned solemn. Frowning, she said, “Are you going to refuse?”

Yu Wei immediately knelt down, prostrating herself and pressing her forehead down to the ground with the utmost sincerity. “The Godking gave me a new life, and I am absolutely devoted to the Godking. He can ask me to destroy the Black-White College, to kill anyone in the entire world of the Grand Xia, and I won’t hesitate. But Ji Ning is my Dao-companion. I won’t harm him, not even if I have to die!”

“You actually dare to disobey the commands of the Godking?” The azure-robed woman was stunned. “You…you’ll be sent into the Infinity Hells, never to be reborn again!”

Yu Wei just knelt there, not saying another word.

The azure-robed woman stared at Yu Wei. “You should know what will happen if you disobey the Godking. I’ll give you one last chance…”

“Even if you ask me a hundred times, a thousand times…my answer remains the same.” Yu Wei just knelt there.

“Then…wait to be brought into the Infinity Hells.” The azure-robed woman waved her arm, then disappeared into thin air.



Ji Ning and Yu Wei were sleeping together on their bed. Although Immortals had no need for slumber, it felt nice to sleep every so often, and it could release a bit of the stress one felt. Even the most powerful of Immortals would occasionally take a nap, and in fact some Immortals were so relaxed that they might sleep for ten thousand years each time.

Suddenly, Yu Wei’s eyelids twitched slightly. She slowly opened her eyes.

“It’s finally come.”

Pain was in Yu Wei’s eyes.

She had been terrified of this day coming. She had thought that, upon becoming Patriarch Lu’s disciple, that she had become more useful and that the Godking wouldn’t order her to expose herself, allowing her to be together with Ning for a longer period of time. But now, the Godking’s order had come, after she had only spent half a year together with Ning.

Yu Wei gently pressed her head against Ning’s chest, feeling the warmth coming from Ning’s body.

“What is it?” Ning woke up as well. He reached out to put his arm around Yu Wei; he could sense that she seemed to be feeling quite weak and soft right now.

“Nothing. I had a bad dream,” Yu Wei said softly.

Ning nodded gently.

He knew that Yu Wei had a tragic life in her past life, while in this life her parents had died when she was young. She had most likely dreamt of something unpleasant.

“It was just a dream. Life is just going to get better and better for us.” Ning held Yu Wei in his arms.

“Right. Better and better.” Yu Wei smiled.


“Senior apprentice-sister, you seem to be in quite a good mood. You’ve been smiling all day long.” Ning released his Darknorth swords. His slaughter of those Celestial Immortals had finally caused his three Darknorth swords to have absorbed enough baleful auras to become low-grade Pure Yang treasures.

Yu Wei put down her platter of spirit-fruit and smiled. “I’m with you, and there’s no one to bother us. We’re living in a lover’s paradise right now; why can’t I smile?”

Ning smiled as well.


A lover’s paradise.

The only two people within this estate were himself and Yu Wei. Immortal Diancai was quite discrete; he didn’t come bother them unless there was something important. This was a world that belonged to just the two of them; to refer to it as a ‘lover’s paradise’ wasn’t too far off the mark.

“Haha, it would be wonderful if we can always live such a relaxed, happy life. My most cherished dream is of living a peaceful, calm life with my loved ones until the end of time.” A hint of nostalgia appeared in Ning’s eyes. “My father and my mother have both left me. But…I still have you, senior apprentice-sister.”

“Right.” Yu Wei nodded gently. In her heart, however, she silently said to herself: “Junior apprentice-brother, these might be our final days together. I want to leave you with the most perfect of memories. I’m going to smile, to laugh, to be happy.”


Within a dark region.

There was a towering, thirty thousand meter throne, and a massive black-robed figure seated upon it. He was gently tapping on his left armrest with his left arm.

Below him was Yu Wei, kneeling. Next to her was the azure-robed woman.

“You’ve disappointed me deeply.” The Godking’s voice echoed within the entire region of darkness.

Yu Wei didn’t dare to say a single word in her own defense.

“However…I know that you feel very deep emotions towards this Ji Ning.” The Godking sighed. “This word, ‘love’…there have been countless who have been driven mad by it, even amongst Immortals and Fiends. I can forgive you this time, and I will no longer give you any missions pertaining to Ji Ning…but if you ever disobey me again, then you shall go burn for all eternity within the Infinity Hells.”

“Thank you, Godking.” Yu Wei revealed an excited look on her face, while the nearby azure-robed woman revealed a look of astonishment.

Yu Wei had never imagined that she was going to survive this disaster. After all, it was simplicity itself for the Godking to slay her. The Godking had imprinted her soul with his seal during her past life; with but a single thought, he could tear her soul out and cast it into the Infinity Hells. The Infinity Hells was an illusory place of damnation which the Godking had constructed; souls cast into it would suffer endless torment which would never come to an end. In fact…with but a single thought, the Godking could shatter her soul and kill her.

And yet, she felt tremendous gratitude towards the Godking. It was the Godking who had bestowed new life upon her.

“Go then.” The Godking waved his hand, and Yu Wei vanished.

“Godking.” The azure-robed woman could no longer stay silent. She had followed the Godking for far too long; this was completely different from how the Godking usually did things.

“Even if we don’t give her any missions related to Ji Ning, we can still use her to unknowingly send him on the road to hell,” the Godking said. “In addition…this chess piece, Yu Wei, remains very useful to us. I’ll pardon her impudence, this once.”

The azure-robed woman’s eyes gleamed. “The Godking is wise.”


Within a private room.

Yu Wei opened her eyes, unable to disguise the excitement within them.

“Junior apprentice-brother, junior apprentice-brother.” Yu Wei immediately charged out of the still room, running towards the wide courtyard outside. Within the courtyard, Ning was training with his Darknorth swords. He wanted to master the Dao of the Sword as quickly as possible! He could sense that he was on the path to full master of the Dao; although his mastery of swordforce had only increased his combat power by a small amount, he was now gaining insight into the Dao of the Sword at a much faster pace.

“Eh?” Ning turned around, then laughed, “Senior apprentice-sister, I’m still training. Is there something you need?”

“Nothing.” Yu Wei sat down, just staring at him.

She quickly recovered from her state of excitement. She also quickly understood that even though she didn’t have to act against Ning, she would still have to carry out other missions against other people. In fact, due to her connection against Patriarch Lu, she would now be sent to deal with even more powerful figures. In short…sooner or later, she would still be revealed.

The day that she was revealed would be the day when she would be forced to leave Ji Ning…and in fact, might be the day of her death.

“That day will come, no matter what…?” After this latest experience, Yu Wei became even more reluctant to part with him.

That very night.

Ning and Yu Wei were together in bed, sharing a pillow.

“Junior apprentice-brother.” Yu Wei was in Ning’s arms.

“Mm?” Ning looked at her.

“Let’s have a baby,” Yu Wei said suddenly.

“Have a baby? Why? The Three Realms are in a state of chaos; how can we possibly take care of a baby right now?” Ning was startled. He was a Fiendgod, while Yu Wei was a Celestial Immortal; it was very difficult for Immortals and Fiendgods to conceive, but much easier for them to prevent conception. All they had to do was use their elemental energy or their divine power to prevent it.

Yu Wei looked at him. “I want one. The Three Realms are in a state of chaos, as you said. This way, even if one of us ends up dying, we’ll at least have a child together.”

“How can you say such things?” Ning said.

“If you die, do you plan to leave me alone in this world?” Yu Wei asked. “You’ve experienced so many dangerous events lately; I’m honestly terrified right now. If you were gone…I wouldn’t be able to stay alive.”

When Ning thought of how he had been exiled to the Nihilum Zone, his heart turned soft. He nodded. “Fine. If you want a baby, we’ll have a baby. But I’m a Fiendgod, while you are a Celestial Immortal; it’s going to be very hard for us to conceive.”

“We still have to give it a try,” Yu Wei said earnestly.

“Theeen…here I come!” Ning chortled, then gently pulled Yu Wei’s gauzy clothes off of her.

It was a dark, dreamy night. Ning felt as though he was intoxicated by bliss…


Whether it was due to sheer luck or whether it was because someone was looking out for them…on the third month of their attempts, Yu Wei, a Celestial Immortal, became pregnant by Ji Ning, a Fiendgod.

After becoming pregnant, Yu Wei spent every day just sitting there, stroking her belly, beaming as she watched Ning train with the sword. In truth, there was no swelling whatsoever in Yu Wei’s belly at this point in time, but she still liked to stroke her belly…because she was caressing the child of herself and Ji Ning.

Ning completely immersed himself within swordplay, but whenever he paused, he would turn to beam merrily at Yu Wei.

Every time he did, he would feel very warm, very happy.

It had been so long…

Ever since his parents had passed on…it had been so long since he had felt such warmth. This was an intoxicating warmth, one which filled him with vigor! In the future, after his child was born, the two of them would play with the baby together. Those days would be even more blissful, right?

“Eh?” Ning suddenly ceased his training.

“What is it?” Yu Wei, was had been eating some spirit-fruit, couldn’t help but pause and query him.

“My Primaltwin has perfected its mastery over heartforce.” An excited look was in Ning’s eyes.

“Then…are you going to have your Primaltwin attempt the Celestial Tribulation?” Yu Wei was stunned.

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