Book 16, Chapter 25 - A Promise

“Our young master is a Void-level Fiendgod who is extremely close to the Empyrean God level.” Snow Scorpion let out an emotional sigh. “If the Godking was here and knew that he had a disciple like this…he would probably be very happy.”

“Godking…” Redsnow’s gaze grew distant and dreamy. The others fell silent as well. They were the most loyal followers of Daoist Threelives; if they weren’t, they wouldn’t have waited here silently within the underwater estate despite the passage of countless years.

The black-robed Ning said, puzzled, “Seniors…you said ‘young master’? I don’t really understand. Also…can it be that you’ve been within the underwater estate this entire time, which is why you were able to emerge even when I was in the Nihilum Zone?” Although Ning had been able to guess a bit from their words and knew himself to be Daoist Threelives’ successor, he was still quite mystified about all the rest.

“Let me explain.” A clear voice rang out; it was the child, who looked towards Ning.

“Empyrean God Primelight,” Ning addressed him.

“You can just call me Primelight.” The child laughed, “I know that you have many questions in your heart. Let me explain it all as simply as I can. Father was born a True God of Primordial Chaos, from within the primordial chaos of the universe itself. He was born with tremendous power. After Pangu established the universe, many Fiendgods were born. Fiendgods innately love to fight, and so their wars stretched throughout the entire Primordial World.”

“Supreme powers like Patriarch Subhuti are transcendent. They secluded themselves, rarely taking part in these wars. Father, however, loved to do battle; he naturally collected a large number of Fiendgods into his fold, within the Starseizing Manor. In the primordial Pangu’s World, the Starseizing Manor was quite famous!” The child continued, “The forces held within the Starseizing Manor included many Fiendgods, all of whom submitted to Father’s command. The seven of us also belonged to the Starseizing Manor.”

Ning nodded lightly.

“The primordial Pangu’s World underwent countless storms and many tribulations, but it passed through all of them safely. But that final war…the war that shattered the primordial world…the war in which Father passed away…was completely different from all the ones that came before.” A sharp look was in the child’s eyes, a killing look. He was a Fiendgod who had been born of Heaven and Earth…but Threelives, he had been a True God who had been born from the primordial chaos.

This pair of father and son…they were closer to each other than many biological pairs.

For so many years, he had no idea that Threelives had perished…it wasn’t until the giant yellow bear had received this information from Patriarch Subhuti that these Empyrean Gods had learned of it. For countless years, he had hoped that he would be able to see his father again, alive and well…but word of his father’s death had caused him to feel despair. It had also filled with fiery rage. He wanted to go do battle. He wanted to take revenge! But he realized that for now…he wasn’t strong enough yet!

“We aren’t sure either what exactly happened during that war; after all, we didn’t take part in it. All we know is that Father was firm in his decision to follow Mother Nuwa, and that he stood by her side in that war,” the child said.

“He followed Mother Nuwa?” Ning quietly memorized this fact.

Nuwa was the number one figure of the entire Three Realms. She had reached Pangu’s level!

Could it be that this war was a factional war?

Mother Nuwa was of one faction…were there other factions? Ning knew very well that sometimes a civil war could be far more savage and deadly than a war against an outside invader.

“Mother Nuwa was unable to protect us. Father followed her lead, and so prior to that battle, Mother Nuwa helped us plot a path of retreat,” the child said. “Father expended an enormous amount of effort into this estate-treasure that you’ve acquired. In addition, Mother Nuwa transferred into and established a wide world within this estate. This world, we refer to as the ‘Starseizer’ major world. This is the place where we live.”

“What? The underwater estate has a major world inside it?!” Ning was stunned.

But although he was stunned…he quickly recovered and understood.

It made sense.

Some of the precious Protocosmic spirit-treasures of the Three Realms innately contained a major world within them! As for treasures that were forged to contain a major world within them…most True Gods or Daofathers weren’t capable of creating them, but Mother Nuwa was. In fact, she had done created more than one! The major worlds that were contained within magic treasures were generally referred to as ‘caveworlds’.

“We all knew that Father was going to search for a successor; he was unwilling to allow his divine ability, the [Starseizing Hand], be lost,” the child said. “Father was powerful enough to be able to command all the forces of the Starseizing Manor…but would his successor be able to? Nobody could say, and so Father didn’t force all of those Fiendgods to stay here to accompany the next master. Those who were willing to stay could stay; those who were unwilling could leave.”

“Some of the Fiendgods left, but we continued to stay here at the Starseizer world,” the child said.

“We’ve been waiting. Waiting for Father’s successor. Waiting for the new master of our Starseizing Manor.” The child looked at Ning.

The other Empyrean Gods also looked at Ning.

In their hearts…

Ning was the perfect candidate! The best candidate!

Although Ning’s blood was pumping, he quickly calmed down. “Can you tell me about the Starseizer major world? Can anyone enter it?”

“No.” The nearby Snow Scorpion smiled merrily. “The Starseizer major world was established by Mother Nuwa, and she was the one to set up the formations around it. Even True Gods or Daofathers would have to resort to brute force to enter it! When we left the Starseizing Manor, we used the formations we controlled to allow us out, but once we left it, we would be unable to locate the Starseizer world again right away; after all, the Starseizer world is inside the Starseizing Manor.”

“Who is in control of the formations?” Ning asked.

“Myself, Primelight, and Snow Scorpion,” Empyrean God Redsnow said. “Primelight was the first to follow the Godking and the Godking’s son; the Godking trusted him! Snow Scorpion and myself, in the past, had followed the Godking in his campaigns throughout the world, and we were two of the most powerful Empyrean Gods under his command; the others would submit to us. Thus, the three of us took control over the formations that protect the entire world.”

Ning nodded.

“I know that my master, Daoist Threelives, had ordered that before I became an Empyrean God, there was no need for you to worry about my life, right?” Ning asked.

“Right.” Empyrean God Redsnow nodded.

“But…you saved me in the Nihilum Zone,” Ning said.

“Even if we didn’t save you, the Starseizing Manor would’ve fallen into the hands of the masters of the Snaphorn world. They probably would’ve been able to forcibly bind it and discover the Starseizer major world, at which point we would still have to fight them. Since that was the case…the seven of us came out,” Redsnow explained. “It wasn’t all because of you.”

Ning laughed. “But since you’ve come out…seniors, the Three Realms are currently on the precipice of a major storm, one which isn’t any weaker than the storm which destroyed the Primordial World. Even my master said that he might perish in this storm; that goes without saying for a young fellow like me as well! Thus, to tell the truth…I really need your help. But of course, if you aren’t willing to help, that’s fine as well.”

“The Three Realms truly are in a state of chaos right now,” Snow Scorpion sent mentally to the others. “Since we’ve come out, we might as well follow the young master for now.”

“Father’s orders remain standing,” the child sent back.

“The Godking gave us instructions, but he still left it up to us as to how to carry them out. The Three Realms are quite chaotic; to experience these storms ourselves will be of benefit to us in increasing our power as well,” the bald elder sent.

“Big brother Redsnow, I’ll follow your lead.”

“I will as well.”

Sunblaze and Darkmoon both looked towards Redsnow.

All of them turned to look towards Redsnow. Redsnow was their true leader. First of all, he was very strong; secondly, the way in which he handled matters was quite convincing.

Redsnow was silent, pondering as he looked at Ning.

Ning looked back at Redsnow.

“Ji Ning,” Empyrean God Redsnow said, “An enormous storm truly is about to sweep the Three Realms. To strictly follow the Godking’s orders to the letter is rather unsuitable for present condition. But if we were to follow you…this wouldn’t be of the slightest bit of help for you in terms of tempering yourself. I’ll give you a promise! Prior to you becoming an Empyrean God, you have one opportunity to ask us to assist you. The seven of us will use all our might to help you out, but…we’ll do it just once! Once you use it up, we definitely won’t help you again. Even if you die, we’ll just simply stand back and watch. If you die, you have only yourself and your own weakness to blame, as well as your poor luck.”

The other six Empyrean Gods looked towards Ning as well.

Ning laughed. “Alright. This promise of assistance from the seven of you is enough, seniors! It is like a protective talisman that will save my life; if I still end up dying before becoming an Empyrean God, then I really will have no one else to blame.”

“Mm.” Empyrean God Redsnow nodded

The child, however, urged Ning, “Ji Ning, hurry up and become an Empyrean God.”

“Don’t make us wait too long,” the beautiful woman added.

“Our Starseizing Manor needs a manor-master.” The amiable-looking youth looked towards Ning as well. Their eyes were all filled with hope.


All seven of them disappeared.

Ning let out a sigh of relief. In truth, he hadn’t truly expected that these seven Empyrean Gods would agree to follow him around the entire time; this promise of helping out once was already enough. After all, in dangerous times like this…the invisible pressure from the upcoming storm was causing Ning to feel constant pressure and danger. He naturally wanted to use everything he had available to give himself a better chance at surviving it.

He wanted to stay alive within this storm. Even more than that, he wanted his loved ones and his lover to survive.


It was dark.

Stillwater City. Within the Black-White College. Yu Wei was currently in her own residence, quietly pondering by herself. A single candle was lit by her side, flickering with light. Yu Wei had a very complicated look in her eyes.

“I need to stop obsessing.”

“I’ll do what I need to do.” Yu Wei walked out of the room by herself, raising her head to stare at theh skies. It was already dark. The crescent moon could vaguely be seen in the darkening sky. She murmured softly, “Junior apprentice-brother, come back…you have to come back…”

Suddenly, Yu Wei felt a strange feeling in her heart.


She instantly flew into the air like a gust of wind.

There, in the air…

A youth had appeared in the dark skies. He stared at someone far away…the distant Yu Wei. Yu Wei’s eyes were filled with surprise and joy. Her eyes couldn’t help but to fill with tears. She had a strange premonition just now, which was why she had soared into the skies. It was as though Fate had whispered silently to her soul.

Ning just looked at Yu Wei. The look in her eyes instantly caused Ning to think of his big sister, Autumn Leaf.

Both Yu Wei and Autumn Leaf shared a commonality; they both viewed Ji Ning as the most important person in their lives. For Ji Ning’s sake, both of them could even give up their own lives! Ning could sense it from Autumn Leaf…and he could also sense it from Yu Wei. He sensed it all the way back during the Conclave of Immortal Destiny. And now…that feeling was even stronger than before. What Ning didn’t realize was that during Yu Wei’s demonheart tribulation, she had lived with him for over three thousand years in the illusory demonheart world…

“Senior apprentice-sister.” Ning finally called out to her.

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