Book 16, Chapter 15 - Yu Wei’s Tribulation (Teaser)

Red-hair, Snow Scorpion, and the others all looked towards the giant yellow bear. Only the big bear was able to clearly sense the outside world and what was going happening there.

“Don’t be impatient.” The big bear shook his head. “A powerful army has been dispatched from the Snaphorn world, but the strange thing is…this powerful army hasn’t acted against Ji Ning yet. In fact…even the violet-caped warrior that had been previously fighting against Ning has stopped fighting as fiercely as he had before. Ji Ning definitely doesn’t have much divine power left; if they fight for just a bit longer, his divine power will have been completely used up, but they actually halted. How odd.”


The seven mighty warriors left behind by Daoist Threelives were all puzzled.

“In addition…there’s something else odd. Ji Ning’s power had clearly reached a limit…but just now, when he used the [Starseizing Hand], his power actually increased yet again. He was able to knock aside the foe’s weapon…and I don’t understand why, no matter how hard I try,” the giant yellow bear said.

“How can one’s power increase in the Nihilum Zone?” The seven began to ponder.

They were different from the giant yellow bear; the bear was, after all, just the spirit of a magic treasure. Only after the destruction of Pangu’s Primordial World had the...

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