Book 15, Chapter 3 - Class: Winged Immortal (Teaser)

Mu Northson stared at Ji Ning. Finally, he nodded. “Fine. We two brothers shall do it together.”

“Hahaha, that’s more like it!” Ning laughed, then slapped him on the shoulder.

Northson looked at Ning, then smiled as well. Deep in his heart, however, he firmly engraved the memory of this kindness into his soul.


The two hours of rest time had concluded.

The gray-robed figures all returned from their various residences. Northson returned as well, his hair still disordered.

“Hurry up.”

“All of you, hurry up!”

The black-robed figures were already snapping at them to move faster, but the grandmasters remained calm and silent. They completely ignored the black-robed figures; they were grandmasters of the Dao of Constructs, after all. If they didn’t work hard, they might suffer some consequences or punishments, but taking their two-hour rest was ordinary.

“The black-robed figures have very low statuses in this mysterious organization. Those Wanxiang and Primal level black-robed figures are merely Fiendslaves, while the Loose Immortal and Earth Immortal black-robed figures are Fiendserfs.” Ning had already learned a bit regarding this mysterious organization thanks to Northson’s explanations.


A blurry light flowed across the castle. The gray-robed...

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