Book 15, Chapter 21 - Kill!

With the mobile Immortal estate.

Ji Ning, Mu Northson, Uncle White, and Little Qing were gathered together.

“That should more or less be it.” Uncle White nodded lightly after looking once more through at the enormous map placed before him.

“And?” Ning, Northson, and Little Qing were all staring at the enormous map before them, but weren’t able to understand it.

“Their defenses are airtight. There’s no flaws at all.” Uncle White sighed.

“No flaws at all?” Ning was shocked.

“Based on what you found when you did the soulscouring…the Youngflame clan has a total of three headquarters, each of which has more than a hundred Loose Immortals or Earth Immortals.” Uncle White nodded. “This Easthill Commandery alone has more than a hundred Loose Immortals or Earth Immortals scattered around the Oldjade mountain range. They definitely aren’t gathered in one place, where you can destroy them with one blow. They are scattered far apart in different locations, where they protect the countless formations that are present. Thus…it’s extremely difficult to completely destroy the entire Oldjade mountain range!”

Ning frowned. “There’s nothing we can do?”

“No, but…the Easthill mountain range is too big. So, there is something of a weak point,” Uncle White said confidently. “But in truth, it isn’t really much of a weak point.”

Little Qing said impatiently, “Uncle White, what’s the weakness? What have you discovered?”

“The Oldjade mountain range is nearly a million kilometers long. For a giant formation to cover a million kilometers…there’s no way for Loose Immortals or Earth Immortals to activate and sustain a formation of such size,” Uncle White said with a laugh.

Ning’s eyes instantly lit up.

“Are you saying…” Ning revealed a pleased look.

“There’s a limit to the reach of an Immortal’s elemental ki. If they are too far away from the formation-base, they will be completely unable to control it. For example, when we are a million kilometers away from our magic treasures, we are similarly unable to control them,” Uncle White said. “Loose Immortals and Earth Immortals, when controlling formations, generally have to be within a hundred thousand kilometers or so; that’s their limit.”

“The Oldjade mountains are so enormous…”

“There’s no way Celestial Immortals can be constantly maintaining a formation; naturally, they would have Loose Immortals or Earth Immortals do it for them! From this, it is very easy to guess that they must have divided the entire Oldjade mountain range into ten or so regions, each of which has around ten or so Immortals that are maintaining the formations,” Uncle White said.

The Oldjade mountains were nearly a million kilometers long, but merely around a hundred thousand kilometers in width.

“There are over a hundred Loose Immortals and Earth Immortals in the Oldjade mountain range, but only a few of them are controlling the formations,” Uncle White said. “What we need to do is find out who is controlling the formations. Once we kill one…for a short period of time, the hundred thousand kilometer region under his control will be temporarily unprotected.”

“However…we’ll need to be fast.”

“That’s because the Celestial Immortals will quickly arrive. I am certain that there are even more powerful formations within the Oldjade mountain range which are controlled by the Celestial Immortals,” Uncle White said. “Loose Immortals and Earth Immortals are only able to cover a fairly small amount of territory, but Celestial Immortals are able to control and protect the entire mountain range!”

Ning, Northson, and Little Qing all nodded.

“According to our intelligence report, the Celestial Immortals of the Youngflame clan generally don’t reside within the headquarters; they are hidden within an unknown area. Once the clan encounters danger, they’ll definitely hurry out to meet it,” Uncle White said. “Thus…as I see it…we should do this…”

Uncle White explained his plain in detail.

Ning originally had a rough plan in mind, but now, based on what they actually faced, it had to change.

Their new plan took form!

“It’ll definitely succeed.” The nearby Little Qing was incomparably excited upon hearing it.

“Let’s make the Youngflame clan feel regret.” Northson’s eyes were filled with savagery.

As for Ning, he laughed and said softly, “Our first target will be the number one figure amongst the Loose Immortals and Earth Immortals stationed here in the Oldjade mountain range…that old bastard who has lived for more than a million years…Old Demon Windraiser!”


Ning executed the Seventy-Two Transformations, transforming into a short, pudgy cultivator. This short, pudgy cultivator flew atop a cloud towards the Oldjade mountain range. He carried a talisman on him, causing the formations around the Oldjade mountain range to leave him completely unharmed.

“Unfortunately, I’m not going to be able to stealthily and silently kill Loose Immortals or Earth Immortals within the Oldjade mountain range,” Ning mused to himself. “Otherwise…I could ambush them one by one, wiping them all out. Without any Loose Immortals, the entire Oldjade mountain range would be completely defenseless for a period of time.”

“Brother Voidgrace.” As the short, pudgy cultivator flew forward on his cloud, a voice suddenly called to him from afar.

The short, pudgy cultivator turned to look towards the distant. A white-haired elder was flying towards him aboard an Immortal crane. The white-haired elder laughed and said, “Brother voidgrace, long time no see! This old man has wanted to see you quite dearly!”

“You actually want to see my treasure, right?” The short, pudgy cultivator laughed oddly. “Don’t be impatient. This time, I came back on important business. Next time, I’ll definitely bring the treasure.”

“Don’t forget it.” The white-haired elder laughed merrily, then flew away atop his Immortal crane.

The short, pudgy cultivator watched as the white-haired elder departed, then pursed his lips. “Old bastard. I’ll let you live a bit longer…but next time, I’ll wipe you out.”

The short, pudgy cultivator Ning had just transformed into was known as Daoist Voidgrace. He had a belly full of bad designs, and was a sinister, vicious man. Because he was often stationed in the outside world, he was able to procure things that were completely forbidden to be traded in here, such as beautiful women and children, for the cultivators here that wanted them. Daoist Voidgrace would often deliver beauties to his master, Old Demon Windraiser. It was precisely because he was Windraiser’s disciple that Ning chose him to transform into.


Because he was Old Demon Windraiser’s apprentice, Adept Voidgrace naturally found his path unencumbered and unchallenged as he flew forward.

He soon arrived at that towering palace.

“Adept Voidgrace.”


The palace was filled with all sorts of peerless beauties. Human beauties, Diremonster beauties…all sorts of beauties. There were barbarian maidens, and there were even noblewomen from the imperial clan…in short, this was an absolute paradise of women! Old Demon Windraiser’s number one vice was lust…and he was extremely long-lived! He had an exceptional status in the entire clan; even the Celestial Immortal Patriarchs viewed him as being extremely important.

“Heh heh…nice…niiiiiice…” While walking over, Daoist Voidgrace chortled merrily.

“Where’s Master?”

“Master is in the Palace of the Spring Sun.”

Although the women all called out to him as he walked past them, after Daoist Voidgrace left, they all revealed looks of disgust.

They all hated this Daoist Voidgrace!

Old Demon Windraiser, at least, could be said to be a towering, dominating figure. This Daoist Voidgrace was nothing more than a petty man! However…Old Demon Windraiser liked this disciple very much.

The Palace of the Spring Sun.

This was a palace that was decorated in an exceedingly lavish manner. Its ceiling was covered with pearls that had been found in the depths of the northern seas. Its corners were decorated with violet bamboo from the southern seas. Well water from the major world of Icesnow flowed throughout the palace, and all sorts of precious treasures could be seen. It was like spring had come, causing all things to bloom. The grass was growing here, next to gurgling creeks.

“Master,” Daoist Voidgrace called out from afar.

“Voidgrace?” At the front of the hall, there was a throne that was so large, it could in truth be described as a giant bed. Old Demon Windraiser was seated atop this bed, with two maids next to him feeding him fruit. When he grew excited, he would pull one of them straight onto the bed and make love to them. He glanced at Daoist Voidgrace, who walked in from afar, then laughed and said, “My dear disciple, why have you come to see your master today?”

Old Demon Windraiser liked this disciple very much. He knew, of course, that Daoist Voidgrace was a petty man…but petty men were easily manipulated and used.

“Your disciple has a major matter to report to you, Master,” Daoist Voidgrace said.

“A major matter?” Old Demon Windraiser laughed. “What major matter?”


Daoist Voidgrace was standing before the throne. His hands suddenly swelled to more than thirty meters long. A pair of giant palms that were large enough to block out the sun, covered with golden light, slammed straight towards Old Demon Windraiser.

“You…” Old Demon Windraiser was shocked. His body instantly retreated backwards at high speed. At the same time, a series of needles appeared around him. Hundreds of needles appeared, transforming into an enormous circular shield that moved to block. As he retreated backwards…his billowing elemental ki caused both of the beautiful, terrified women to be transformed into meat past.


The two giant golden palms, carrying an aura of unstoppable might, moved as fast as lightning. One of them blasted apart the shield of needles and even shattering many of the actual needles themselves. As for the other giant golden palm, it instantly reached the body of the fleeing Windraiser.

“NO!” Old Demon Windraiser didn’t even have enough time to finish using his Greater Teleportation Dao-seal. A black light had appeared before him, but the golden palm had already reached him.


Everything disintegrated. Even Old Demon Windraiser’s body was instantly reduced to dust. He was deader than dead!

Old Demon Windraiser…had perished!


“Flee, quick!”

“Good heavens!”

The other maids in the palace were all completely stunned and terrified. They had never imagined that this Daoist Voidgrace, whom they had always viewed with disdain, would suddenly strike and easily defeat the awe-inspiringly famous legend, Old Demon Windraiser, and slay him.

“Arise!” After instantly killing Old Demon Windraiser, Ning immediately soared into the skies. BOOM! His powerful body was as mighty as a magic treasure; he smashed straight through the ceiling of the Palace of the Spring Sun, reaching the skies.


Ning instantly pulled out an Immortal sword. It was the Thousandbull Sword. “NIGHTRIVER, EMERGE!”


A river that was ten thousand kilometers long instantly covered this wide region, carrying infinite power as it wildly surged forth. It must be understood that under Ning’s control…this Nightriver had even been able to somewhat bind and restrict the Ba-Serpent which Bloodcloud Hall had used to try to assassinate Ning. From this, one could see how powerful it was. Even the slightest bit of power from it could kill an ordinary Loose Immortal or Earth Immortal!

And right now…Ning was activating it and unleashing its full power.

Most importantly of all! The formations around this area had previously been under the control of Old Demon Windraiser; no one had ever dared to cause trouble here, as the area within thousands of kilometers was all part of his territory. Even beyond that range, only Primal Daoists lived in the area. No commoners were qualified to live in this region.



The Nightriver was like a watery dragon, rolling over and over, smashing apart all of the giant mountains and breaking apart the local palaces. In fact, even some of the formation-bases that were hidden deep within the mountains were destroyed.


The massive Nightriver dug deep into the ground, causing the earth itself to shudder and tremble. In almost the blink of an eye, the Nightriver had completely overturned the earth within tens of thousands of kilometers around them. All mountains were destroyed, while all plains were rent apart. Every single formation-base here was annihilated…

“I have to do as much damage as I can, in as little time as possible. The Youngflame clan’s counter-attack will arrive soon.” Ning understood this very well. He immediately controlled the massive Nightriver to do more damage. The Nightriver was simply too enormous; it was able to instantly destroy and sweep through a region of ten thousand kilometers, and so it was extremely suited for large-scale destruction.

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