Book 15, Chapter 17 - The Rahu Bow At Full Power (Teaser)

The red-haired Fiendgod’s power caused Ji Ning to feel shock. He was far too powerful! That longspear…it moved like a ghost or an illusion. No matter how he used his hands to attack, be it with sword-fingers or various sword-arts, the longspear was able to easily break through his techniques. While breaking through, the longspear would also strike out in pierces, thrusts, or sideways swipes!

In short…Ning was at a complete disadvantage!

The longspear moved like a dragon, danced like a spirit through water. It carried inconceivably profound mysteries with it, causing Ning to feel like nothing more than a punching bag.

“No more, no more!” The red-haired Fiendgod finally came to a halt. Shaking his head, he sighed. “I lost.”

“Senior Redsnow, you clearly are far more powerful than…” Halfway through his sentence, Ning suddenly understood.

It was most likely that his opponent’s divine power was almost exhausted!

“Each time your palm clashed against my longspear, the force of the collision consumed a large...

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