Book 14, Chapter 22 - The Curtain Call? (Teaser)

Ji Ning stood there in midair, commanding the flows of his Nightriver.

“Eh?” Ning’s face suddenly changed. He saw mountain peaks begin to levitate into the air in every direction. A total of nine mountains levitated upwards, each one covered with colossal, fiery red runes. Ning’s pupils contracted as he stared at them. “Using mountain peaks as formation-foundations…refining entire mountains into magic treasures…then joining them together into a formation?”

Ning wasn’t completely ignorant of formations. He understood them, and he knew that given how much effort had gone into this formation, this one was definitely an absolutely top-notch formation. Perhaps it was slightly weaker than the supremely ferocious killing formations of Swallow Mountain, but it was still most likely capable of threatening the lives of Celestial Immortals. As to exactly how strong it was…he would only know when he personally experienced it.

“Where did these assassins come from, for them to possess such powerful tools?” Ning still had no idea who exactly was trying to kill him.

He had some suspicions, but he wasn’t completely confident.


The nine levitating mountains that lined the horizons were suddenly connected by a streak of runic light. It...

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